The werewolf and his princess
The werewolf and his princess
Author: Roelien

Chapter 1

Sapphire POV

I walk around my room. I look at the book that I just placed down on my nightstand. My father gave me another book on the history of vampires. I don't even know why I have to learn all this. I am not even second in line that is my brother Victor Cline's territory but who can go against the king of the vampires.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sapphire Cline.princess of the Vampires. I have been groomed for the last 100 years to be the best lady I can be. I just wish I was a normal human girl, I don't want to be a princess. My father keeps setting me up on dates with the most eligible vampires out there and I hate it. I just want to wait for my mate. I will accept him no matter who he is but my father wants to keep our bloodline clean. My father and my mother are not mates. My father's mate was a fairy, and he rejected her as soon as he found her.

You know it makes me sad hearing about stories like that. How can you not love the person that was chosen for you by the moon goddess? Anyway, I was away for the past 50 years going to school in London at the supernatural school for royals. They taught us all about etiquette and boring stuff like that. I mean everything I learned at school is the same things my mother taught me at home.

I guess I need to stop my ranting and start getting ready for the royal ball this evening. My mother made me a sapphire ball gown said it brings out the color of my eyes. You guessed it the reason my name is Sapphire is that is the color of my eyes. I mean red hair and sapphire eyes are quite unique in my opinion.

The elders like to hold this ball each year in a different territory so that all the supernaturals can get together and enjoy them and hopefully meet their mate. Last year the werewolf king hosted the ball this year it is my father and next year it will be the fairy queen.

I place the book I was reading back onto my bookshelf en walk towards my closet. The only good thing that comes from being a princess is my closet space. I have 3 closets. One for my clothes, one for shoes and one for jewelry. I walk into my clothes closet and take out my dress also taking out some blue high heels. I walk into my bathroom and take a bubble bath, hoping it helps me relax. I don't like pretending to be happy, but we are the royal family. We need to be the epitome of happiness. We need to be the poster child of the perfect family and that does get old real fast.

I lay in the bath until the water gets cold. I get out and put on my bathrobe then went to sit in front of my vanity. Deciding on a subtle cat-eye that brings out my eyes with a nude lipstick. I dried my hair and did an up-do with some loose strands that I slightly curled. After I did my makeup I went to fetch my jewelry for the evening. It was a diamond necklace and earrings that matched the princess crown. I also decided to wear the diamond bracelet that my brother got me for my birthday the previous year.

I look at myself in the full view mirror in my room, I look like a princess but honestly, I don't feel like one. I hear a knock on my door, turning around I went to open it. Outside my door is my mother.

“I see I don't need to threaten you to get ready this time. Why can’t you be like this every time we have an event?”

“Firstly mother this event is for all supernatural’s most are common folk and second all the events that you speak of are dates you and father set up for me to find a husband. I will not marry anyone but my mate. I made myself very clear on that, I don't want to marry a person only for their social standing.”

“We need to keep our bloodline clean and you know that. We are royals. Your brother said yes to the match we made for him. Why do you need to be so stubborn?”

“I am stubborn because I want to marry for love, not money. The day you and father accept that is the day that we all will be happy. My brother agreed because he is a suck-up. He will never do anything to go against our father.”

“Let's leave this conversation for another day. Your date for the evening is waiting for you outside. We can’t be late for our own ball.”

“Who is the snob I am stuck with tonight?”

“He is not a snob he is a very nice boy. His name is Charles Gordon. His parents are Lord Arthur Gordon and Lady Jane Gordon. Just be nice if only for tonight okay. Give him a chance. You will like him.”

“Yes mother I will try, but I warn you if I don't like him I will leave.”

We both make our way out of the room. In the hallway I see a man leaning against the wall. I see the nervousness in the way he is looking at me.

“I will leave you to get to know each other. You have 30 minutes before you have to be in the hall Sapphire. Please don't be late.”

My mother walks away with determination. I just shake my head and look at the man that I am guessing is Charles.

“Good evening you must be Charles. My name is Sapphire.”

“I know who you are. Listen let me just be honest with you. I don't want to be here. I already found my mate. She is a werewolf. I am only here because my parents won’t give up the chance that maybe we will hit it off and get married. Please don't tell your parents. I don't want to marry you.” “Don't worry. I feel the same way that you do. I don't want to marry you or anyone for that matter. I just want to wait for my mate. I guess tonight will not be a complete waste. Let's go before our parents come looking for us."

We walk towards the ballroom. We stood waiting to be announced.

“Presenting Princess Sapphire Cline and Sir Charles Gordon.”

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This is one of the best story I've read so far, but I can't seem to find any social media of you, so I can't show you how much I love your work

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