20: Teardrops under the rain pour


Don't waste your life

trying to impress others.

~ Anonymous


The church service was longer than expected, and Emily blamed it on the naming ceremony. Although, she didn't complain much, because the youth there were worth her coming. She liked their vibe and went with the flow. More importantly, they helped clear her mind of any thought regarding Martin.

By the end of the service, Emily had collected and given out her number to a dozen number of people.

“Emily, I've been looking for you!” One girl ran out of the church to meet her by the right end of the entrance.

Emily couldn't remember the girl's name, but played along by plastering a smile on her face. She concluded that if the girl had made a solid impression, she wouldn't have had a hard time remembering her name.

“I wanted us to take some selfies,” the girl told her, and she agreed.

They were taking pictures, when a masculine voice boomed a greeting from behind them.

“Jide, what do you want now?” The girl asked in her scra
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