22: An honest touch (Part II)

After walking through the front door, Joel stopped to give the house an unintended examination. 

Two years, and, of course, everything was different. The large, brown, leather sofas, that used be in the living room, had been replaced by navy blue sofas and an armchair. Even the expensive chandelier that loomed over the large room had been replaced by a smaller kind, which appeared a lot more sophisticated and expensive. Though the paint looked new, it was the same beige colour.

“What are you doing?” Mrs. Sophia turned back to see him staring.

“I'm coming.” 

He followed her into the kitchen and found it to still be the same: large and model-like. The whole place used to have a feminine touch — his mom's touch. But now, it had gone back to the magazine look it used to have when they first moved in.

The maids were nowhere to be found, so he assumed his father must have retained the rule of gi

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