89: A fresh start (Part I)

The past three months at Badmus High had not only been daunting but also life-threatening. Lives were tweaked by fate and their owners either danced well to its tune or broke a leg while dancing very differently. 

Those who had danced well were rewarded with new perspectives and another shot at being a better person; those who broke legs weren't sure if a future existed for them, and these people included Emily.

Emily had finally recovered, physically that is, and was discharged to go home to her family. She came out with her hand in a cast and a mind twisted with horror, but everyone advised her to be at least grateful she came out alive. Many had lost their lives in cases like this, but God had been faithful to her.

Emily wanted to believe God had been merciful, but after all, she caused herself and everyone around her, could that be true? Sadly, she didn't believe so.

Her parents, being too scared because of

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