92: Truth hurts (Part I)

Despite the crazy things happening, the soccer tournament was going great for Badmus High; and at this rate, coach believed they'd be taking the cup home this time, just as Bankole would be recruited by coaches of national teams. 

Pumped with excitement and determination, Bankole increased his pace, covering more ground as he ran round the school's track. Although it was getting late that Saturday evening, the anticipation hadn't allowed him to sit at home or do anything else. If all eyes were on him this season (being the highest goal scorer on record), he needed to be at his best.

It was almost eight when his muscles finally gave in, and he slumped on the grass, beside his bag-pack, panting. After drinking from his bottled water, he sat there for a while, his hands stretched out behind him as he threw his head back, drinking in the cold air that also cooled his skin.

As he remained that way fo

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