93: Truth hurts (Part II)

Bankole walked into his father's establishment, determined to speak to his father and get to the bottom of this absurdity he had just heard. 

"I'm sorry, but you can't go in. He's in a meeting right now," the receptionist told him, but her stare kept flickering from his face to behind her.

His right eyebrow rose slightly at her panicked state, and a mix of laughter suddenly broke the silence in the tensed air as he also heard the elevator doors closing. 

The receptionist's head snapped to the back as he also looked the same way. 

A wave of fatigue long-gone returned with an incredible force, almost knocking Bankole off his feet as he found his father's arm draped over a lady young enough to be his daughter. 

His father's eyes had widened for a split second before they narrowed shot his receptionist a hard glare. 


Bankole couldn't tell wh

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