94: The big reveal

Tope was doing fine, although she felt too ashamed to face anyone. Her parents, especially her mother, had been very disappointed in her but later concluded pointing fingers would do them no good. 

Loveth was forgiven and so was Joel, but Tope also pleaded that they gave her time to gather herself, to which they agreed.

A few days later was the death anniversary of Joel's mother. The whole family — Joel's uncle's family included — had gathered for dinner. 

Joel had wanted his friends to come along, but they believed it wouldn't be logical if they did. It was their first dinner in a long time as a complete family, which meant there was a lot to talk about. But they promised to tag along in the next one.

It was a nice evening, where everyone put aside their differences and had a good laugh. There had been a kind of silent agreement that Victoria Edochie wouldn't want their first dinner as a family to be

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