7: Regret plays a role (part I)


I felt like no matter how much I tried, no matter how much I gave, I would never be good for anyone. So I stopped trying. ~ Joel Edochie (ISSY-easy).


Joel hated himself. He cursed his very existence and the biology behind his every breath exchange. Sometimes he did wish he could just die, but fate has always been against him.

His late mom had spent years trying to mould him into a different man. Into a better person. Not one that would disrespect any human feeling, especially a female's. And he had just thrown all that away by allowing his pent-up anger get the best of him. 

Staring down at his palms was like looking in the mirror. The scars that marred them — and even his body — all represented the pain he has had to go through all these years, and their numbers told of how much

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