Author: Alphabetical B
Morning After


Pearl’s POV

"What on earth is this called from where you come from, "Pancake or Cake pan". Greg roared at the top of his voice, it was pretty obvious that he was more than pissed off. 

It's been three days since we got married or should I say forced to the altar and that has been the most horrible moments of my life. 

Greg stood in all his 6 feets glory height and looked down at me horribly expecting me to say something while I wished for a miracle of disappearance to happen. 

My tongues were suddenly heavy, my eyes wide open as I could not find the right words to say. 

My mother had always been the one to pacify me ?when I get my panic attack and this always happen when anyone shouts at me. 

The last I had was when I argued with my father and refused to get married to a stranger that I didn't even know his origin. He was so pissed off at the fact that I didn't listen to him that he forgot all about my panic attack and screamed right into my face. Mother wasn't there to help me so I had to face the music myself and face the reality, I composed myself and kept on refusing till he told me he'll disown me if I don't get married to Greg. 

I ended up agreeing because of mother, I was their only child and I couldn't afford to see tears in my mother's eyes, so I agreed to all this and got married to Greg. 

I knew Greg was an arrogant, mad and selfish man after he said it right to my face that he'll never acknowledge me as a wife not even after marriage. He might be handsome with a chiseled nose, dimple and blue eyes; which is not common in this country. But he's very arrogant and I don't like him one bit. 

I have to put up with this until I'm able to face him one day and tell him about a deal that I've been cooking up in my big head for months. 

"Oh God" he groaned and I had to wonder what I did again. 

"Are you deaf or has cat got your tongue?"

"I'm s-orry" I said quietly

He looked at me pitifully and didn't know what to say for a while. 

"Do you even know how to cook?" He asked gently and I nodded negatively. As I said earlier, these past three days has been horrible, not only due to the fact that I married Greg but also because of the responsibilities I had to put up with. 

I grew up in my father's empire as a little princess and when I got to the age where I was supposed to start learning the basic thing, my father sent me abroad for my university education. 

I graduated from Loyola University in Canada and two days after, I was greeted with marriage proposal—In short, my life has been planned. 

"Don't even go near my kitchen again, I don't want to see you there ever again" he warned and I nodded. 

"Are you from a lineage of Agama Lizard?, cos all you've been doing is nodding your head" he complained and I groaned inwardly. 

"So, what will you eat if I stop cooking?" He looked at me questionably

"What are you even saying?, you tried cooking water for noodles yesterday and for the first time in years, I had to fear for my life. You cooking or not doesn't make a difference. Stop cooking, please"

"Okay, I'll stop."

He didn't bother saying anything else as he proceed to pick up his car keys and made his way out of the house. I groaned loudly and started nagging as I packed the food from the table and went into the kitchen to clean up. 

I picked a broom and packed up the mess that Greg made on the floor, that man is so hot tempered. 

He's a fine, young gentleman, Pearl. You'll love him. I could remember my father's word and I shake my head at the painful thought. "You can't judge a book by it's cover, father" I muttered under my breath. 

I quickly ran into my room to take a shower before going to work. 

After the day's work and feeling all tired and exhausted, I dragged my lazy feet to my friend's office downstairs. 

She looked up from her desk when I entered her office. "What are you doing here?" she asked. Her face was ashen, as if she'd seen a ghost. 

"What sort of question is that?" I asked. "Don't you want me in your office?" I was taken aback. We had always welcomed each other's company. 

"No sorry. It's not like I don't want you here., What I mean is, what are you doing at the office? You're not supposed to come to work today. You just got married last Saturday, and here you are at work on Monday. What of the honeymoon, moon honey or whatever?" Her hands flew up. "I mean, who does that?"

I pulled the chair from under the desk and sat down even if I wasn't offered a chair. 

"Now, explain to me, what's going on, " she said. 

I knew she wouldn't give up without me giving her a proper explanation, so I told her the lie I had concocted after deciding to go to work today. 

"We were about to go on the honeymoon yesterday when my husband got an emergency call from the hospital telling him that the guy he did surgery on was having multiple seizures, so we decided to call it quits and have the honey moon here in Nigeria. And moreover, how many Nigerians go for their honeymoon outside the country?" ?She is not the first victim to fall for that lie; though, she's the fifth, and I believed more were on the way. 

"Hon that's pathetic though, I know it's hard for you, OK but I also know you'll be fine." She ?said with the prettiest smile on her face. 

"it's twenty minutes past four o'4'o clock already., Let's get going so I can drop you off. Or did you bring your car?"

"Yes, I did. Thanks for the offer ma'am but it is not needed"

"See your life. I'm only trying to help you here"

I stuck my tongue out at her as we made our way out of the office building. I got home to realize that Greg wasn't in which I'm grateful for, I changed and went downstairs into the kitchen contemplating on the simplest thing that I could handle on my own. I took a pen and a book and was writing them down when I heard footsteps behind me, I looked back and to my greatest horror, it was Greg looking at me murderously. 

I knew at that moment that I had just crossed my boundary. 


Okay, so I have decided to give each chapter a status

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Frenzy but a little Cranky, you know what that is. 

This is imperfection, the first trilogy. 

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