Chapter 1

(- - -) indicates a flashback


I wandered the castle of Hell, adjusting to my new life. Who would have imagined that a half angel would end up being Princess of Hell? It seemed as though just yesterday I was an angel in Astrania's army.

'From serving the Goddess of Heaven to being Princess of Hell. I never would have guessed that I'd be here, alongside the rulers of Hell,' I thought, amused.

I tilted my head as the scenery sunk in. It was astounding how different Heaven and Hell were. Heaven was filled with lush green lands and beautiful trees, a few clear lakes and even a sandy beach. Hell was mostly a barren desert landscape, tinted red from the hellish red sun. There were hardly any trees, and what trees there were had barely any leaves. Off in the distance, by the bare tree line was a reddish lake with strange flowered plants along its waterline. Not only were the landscapes vastly different, but the way things were governed were contrasting as well. Heaven was governed by one figurehead, a God or Goddess. Hell was ruled by 7: the King, Queen and the advisers. The names of the five advisers were: Len, Salax, Furo, Veraque, and Elysium. Somehow they all were related. Surely I could come up with nicknames for each of the brothers. Tapping my claws on the windowsill, I first set to finding a nickname for some of the elders. My eyes half closed as I debated a few names. I kept drawing a blank, deciding that whatever nickname popped out first is what I'd call each of them.

I blinked and noticed Nitacha walking along with Alystar. Nitacha had been like a mother to me. She raised me for the short time I lived in Hell. I knew she wasn't my real mother but I couldn't recall my actual mother. Now that I actually put some thought into it, I don't think I ever knew who my real mother was. The vaguest memory I have of her is horns and bright blue eyes. Alys must have felt eyes watching him, as he turned in my direction and waved. I waved back, tilting my head. He had been like a brother I never had. We trained alongside for a short time, Nitacha helping me understand my powers.

My powers... My blue eyes gazed at my clawed hands. I had control over shadows and spirits, a siren voice and a hyper sensitive intuition. The shadow control was so mastered that my emotions could trigger the shadows to react, I could even control someone just by my will alone. My intuition was creepy, though. I was hardly ever wrong about anything that I sensed. I moved from the window and walked into the main hall of the castle, seeing quite a few people. There was Zukira, my angel best friend, her mate Delirus, Len and Astrania. Moving black bangs from my eyes, I sat in an empty chair at the table. You never would be able to tell from looking, but Len and Nia were mates.

That was something my intuition never would have guessed. The high rulers of Heaven and Hell being a couple was strangely surprising. Though the peace that resulted was undeniably welcome for both realms. Even other realms, such as my home realm of Ethereal, welcomed the peace. Zukira moved to stand beside me. She was always a bit protective but I welcomed her protection. Being a half angel and half demon, the social ranking in Hell could kill me. In Hell, half breeds, werewolves, elves, dark elves and vampires are all considered vermin- sometimes hunted for sport.

I looked toward the royal throne and could see Lucifer, King of Hell, discussing something with his queen, Rosalyn. The two made an adorable couple, especially after reuniting. Rosalyn had lost contact with him for some time after he had fallen from Heaven. She was a little panda demon now, after her death; and he was a fallen angel. How he had come to rule Hell just baffled me. Surely he would have been outnumbered and killed, but stranger things have happened. I wondered where my mate, Erys was. Delirus and Erys were twins, although you'd never know it just by looks. Normally twins are identical. But in Hell, twins look completely opposite.

Erys was a near pale demon with dark silver hair and bright jade eyes. Delirus was a pale black demon with black hair and white eyes. Which made it almost impossible to know where he was looking. Damien and Kanna, my two twins with Erys, walked in through the big front doors and met with their younger sister, Elysia. Damien had his fathers hair, my eyes, and was a wolf like me. Kanna had white hair, a blue eye, red eye, and was a bear like her dad. Elysia, or Elly as I called her, had white hair, blue yes, and was a black tiger. Yet another thing that baffled me. But I just figured that was another way that Heaven and Hell were different.

I continued to compare and contrast the differences between Heaven and Hell, running my claws through my black hair. Heaven's gems were white or gold, and sins gradually turned them red. Hell's gems, from what I had seen and overheard once, were red and turned black with sin. And it seemed that gems weren't created through procreation as in Heaven. That was where Len came in. He was the main counsel elder, as his powers involved the creation and destruction of demon gems. He was a tall demon, about six foot seven, I'd guess. He had blonde hair and a blue streak on the right. Salax, well I wasn't quite clear on what his responsibilities were yet. He also stood around six foot seven, with blonde hair and piercing gray eyes. Veraque was in charge of emotions, as he often calmed souls on the voyage to the abyss and more often than not, Len's temper. He had mahogany colored hair and honey colored eyes. Elysium was a healer, the god of healing in fact. He had black hair with rainbow streaks for bangs and light purple eyes. Furo was in charge of Hell's gate and security. With ginger hair and blue eyes, he seemed a bit out of place. All the elders seemed to be about six foot seven, now that I thought about it. My daughter Elly was named after Elysium, as he had been the most helpful in my adjustment to my new life. He had given me tours and even gave me a room in the castle.

"I wonder why there are 5 elder brothers," I muttered.

Len must have heard me, as he turned to me. "We just are. Heaven has the virtues and I suppose we are their foils."

I tilted my head, shrugged, and continued my train of thought. Another contrast in the lives of angels and demons was in their individual will. Demons didn't have free will, but angels did. I wasn't sure about other realms, though. Perhaps that was some research I could do. Whoever said that one person couldn't make a difference was wrong. One decision had changed the course of history for multiple realms. A smirk formed on my lips as I recalled my fateful decision.

- - - - -

Astra paced in front of the lines of angels, armed and ready to go. This was to be the third wave attack on Hell. I myself didn't understand why the war was still raging, but you don't defy the Goddess.

"My angels!" The Goddess' voice grabbed my attention. "Today, we lay siege to the demon's stronghold! After extensive research and help from an insider, I've discovered where their rulers stay. We are to attack the eastern most castle. I cannot guarantee that all of you will safely return." Her voice was tinged with despair. "I would be a naïve goddess to say otherwise. You can back out of this attack if you wish. You all know I do not force my will upon you all." The Goddess paused, a few angels stepping out of formation. "Very well. I wish you the best of luck here in Heaven. To those who stay, are you with me?" Cries of encouragement, my own included, greeted her. "Then let us go! Remember your squadron strategies and follow your commanding officer's orders. To battle!" Sword held high, the fiery red haired Goddess of Heaven led her army through Heaven's gates.

We flew over the realm of Earth and into a harsh landscape, diving into a barely visible ripple in the air. Within seconds, the army of Heaven had entered the realm of demons and sinners. My eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the dim, red lighting. Hell was just as I had imagined: a barren desert devoid of anything resembling healthy life. The huge flock of angels split into its respective squadrons, myself leading the Gamma section. I led my squad down a western path, all of us using our weapons and powers to slay all enemies in our way. I was relentless in my lead, mercilessly slaying any foe I came across. Naturally, a few lives were lost.

'Angels, to the castle!' The Goddess' voice was clear in my mind, as if the words had been spoken. Astrania was using her telepathy to 'broadcast' her words to her angels. Sure enough, all the other squadrons took a flight path toward the easternmost castle. I led my crew in the same direction, seeing the looming castle within minutes. There were numerous demons on the ground, a few in the air and multiple demons on the rooftop.

"Pesky vermin, be gone with you." I scowled, using my shadow powers to toss multiple demons into the air only to fall to their deaths. I turned my head toward my section. "Alpha section, take the ground. Beta, head for the walls and windows. Gamma section, take to the roofs! Go!" I followed the gamma section to the roof, murdering numerous foes on my down.

A particular demon caught my attention. He was a near pale demon, dark silver hair and bright jade eyes, ramming his horns into the angels in my command. I tried to rush in defense, but I couldn't. I was stopped in mid-air, wings flapping as I felt a strange deja-vu from this demon. A spear caught the tip of my right wing as I crash landed to the rooftop of the castle, landing roughly on my side. I barely managed to stand when the same demon who captivated me now knocked me back with a heavy horn ram to my abdomen. Still, I couldn't raise my hands to retaliate. What was wrong with me?!

Once again he approached, daggers in his hands. Despite the impending attack, my intuition pulled my gaze behind him. One of the angels in my command was about to stab him. "No," I found myself whispering in confusion. Confusion became bewilderment as my hands raised, shadows throwing not the demon but the angel.

The demon turned around at the sound of the confused cry, watched him fly and then turned to me. "Did you do that?"

His voice...his accent....Something about it was all too familiar yet just beyond the grasp of my memory. How was he so familiar to me? I'd never met him before! My quick self-ramble ended as my brain registered that he had asked me a question. "Y-yeah, I...think so..."

Those jade eyes narrowed at me. "Why?" He was just as baffled.

"I, I really don't know why..." I couldn't even blink as I stood and brushed hair from my eyes. My intuition tingled and once again I found myself throwing another attacker from him. 'What the hell am I doing?! Why am I protecting him! He's just vermin!' Both of us shared bewildered glances again. Against my knowing, I was soon running to tackle yet another angel. How was it that this felt more right than my original orders?

"What are you doing?!" The demon stared as he sent tiny air attacks at other angels.

That gaze was so familiar yet so distant. "I, I don't know. It just feels, right." I was so far beyond bewildered.

"What ever makes you happy," he gave me a dismissive shrug as he finally turned that burning gaze from me.

I stood back to back behind him, both of us fighting off angels. I couldn't explain it, but somehow protecting him felt right. It felt almost instinctive, as if I owed it to him. There was an overwhelming sense of longing and deja-vu standing beside him. Despite the consequence of falling from Heaven, I kept fighting beside him. For weeks the onslaught continued, but I never left his side or stopped defending him.

- - - - -

I was so deep in thought that I hadn't heard Erys even come in. And apparently I had zoned out pretty hard, as his voice deeply startled me when he spoke.

"Well hello, beautiful," he chuckled as feathers from my wings popped off and fell. It was an embarrassing reaction to being badly startled. "I didn't mean to startle you. But I have a surprise that I wish to show you."

After a moment to let my heart rate settle, I shook my head. "You're either very quiet or enjoy scaring me." I took his hand, his lips gently pressing against the skin on the back of my hand.

"I can be quiet though my intent was not to scare you," Erys smirked, leading me outside through a side door. "Who would have guessed that a war brought us together," I mused. "And to think that I had fallen in love with the Prince of Hell."

"Life is quite strange, my love," Erys grinned. his strange accent always giving me chills.

I had no idea where he was leading me nor how long it would take, so I let myself retrace my recent past again.

- - - - -

I had been imprisoned for a couple days after my turn on Heaven. Needless to say, all of Heaven now loathed me. Astra had been kind enough to let me reside in Hell as I had requested, yet I still had to face my trial. I was kept in a cell in Hell for weeks, countless times being interrogated. Surprisingly though, the demon I protected came to visit me. I wasn't quite sure if it was for kicks or not, but we got to know each other. The more we did, the more I found myself attracted to him. The thought of it both intrigued and angered me. But I couldn't fight it no matter how much I tried. I counted the days until finally I made my return to Heaven.

I flew without hesitation to my trial in Heaven, already having the answer to why I had done it. I knew the consequences of my actions, landing and folding my wings. The building was Greek style, rather what had inspired the Grecian style buildings. I walked through the double doors, head held high. Standing in front of Heaven's court, I ignored the jeers and tossed objects of the audience, drawing in a deep breath for confidence. All of Heaven was no doubt in there to hear about my crime. I found my place at the table in front of the Celestial podium and sat. I felt the eyes of thousands of angry angels upon me, but I honestly couldn't have cared less. A few minutes felt as though it were years before the Goddess made her entrance. All of us stood and bowed in respect.

After Astrania sat, she gazed at me with disapproving eyes. "Nyxie Aurora Delor, you stand accused of treason and conspiracy against Heaven in the 1st degree. You have slain multiple angels and showed no remorse for your actions. I know you are aware of the severity of these charges and how rank drastically influences your punishment. Think carefully before you answer. How do you plea?"

I hadn't made eye contact yet, but I smiled under my thick, black hair. "Guilty, your Highness. I can't deny any of it." I closed my pale blue eyes, just imagining the shocked faces of everyone. I bit down on my lip to keep from laughing.

The Goddess blinked in surprise, looking around the room as gasps and disgusted remarks were made. She banged her gavel until silence was given. "You can't be serious. Even after your capture, you stood by those demons. Are you sure you want to plead guilty with no defense?"

"I am sure. Though," this time I stood and made eye contact, hardly able to hide the smirk. "Treason and conspiracy aren't all I should be tried for." Guards tensed as I approached the Goddess with a smile.

Now the Goddess was confused. "What are you talking about?"

"The unspoken law of Heaven and Hell. The reason I acted the way I did. After conversing with the one I defended while incarcerated, I can say I have a definitive third crime."

"Do go on," Astrania raised a brow at me, pensive but curious.

"The only forbidden act there is, my dear." My smile was now a sarcastic smirk.

Horror swept over Astrania's expression. "Don't tell me. It can't be true," she was barely speaking above a whisper.

"Would I lie?" I maintained eye contact, now a straight face as my expression.

A resigned sigh escaped the Goddess' lips. "Which demon?"

I flashed a fanged smile, leaning on her podium. "This newly darkened angel had fallen in love with the Prince of Hell."

Astrania held onto the podium to keep from falling in any direction. It took a few tense moments for my words to fully sink in before her expression changed to bewilderment. "Erys Sentis? Are you serious?!"

The courtroom burst into outraged cries of disgust and disbelief. Some angels even threw what they could at me. It didn't bother me, though. I simply looked at my claws and back to Astra. "I couldn't be more serious. He has my heart and I can only hope I have his. There's no sacrifice I wouldn't make to keep him safe." There was even more outcry to the point that a few guards had to escort some citizens outside. "Despite the consequence, I have something now that I didn't have before."

The Goddess' eyes scrutinized me for several critical minutes. "Confidence and dare I say, happiness." Even though I could tell she was displeased, she seemed to be a little glad for me. "Well, I cannot fully patronize you as angels are given free will. However, your choice was a grievous one and requires punishment." Emerald eyes stared deeply at me before the Goddess' words were spoken. "After hearing everything, I have come to a conclusive decision. You are to lose one of three pairs of wings, and until further notice, you are permanently stripped of your rank. May your soul fly, content in your choice." Astrania stood, waved to two guards and left the room.

One of the guards, a cynical young woman, scowled at me as her dagger penetrated my abdomen. "She may have been kindly and understanding, but I'm not. And neither are the rest of us. We despise your kind."

I simply grinned as blood slowly trickled from my mouth. "You're not me." I extended my silver outermost wings as I knelt down, cringing and crying out in pain as they were agonizingly half sliced off. I broke a few claws on the floor as well, feeling bones snapping and tissue tearing; slowly on purpose to torture me further. The sound was of sickening cracks and squishes, warm blood pouring down my back. The guards took pride in drawing out the process, making sure each nerve was over exposed to pain and air. Time was lost as the pain nearly made me black out, until I finally heard a soft thud and felt a light breeze on my wet face. Panting heavily, I opened my eyes to see my wings on the floor in front of me, bleeding and twitching. Slowly, I stood and stumbled my way to the doors, laughter slowly and painfully erupting from my mouth. Blood bubbled in my mouth as I laughed.

"What's so fucking funny, you traitor?!" Quite a few people screamed.

I smirked, opening the door. "I REGRET NOTHING!" I pushed passed the dizzying pain and blinding light to make it back to Hell. Elysium wasn't too happy to see me return in such shape, shaking his head at how badly I had been hurt. I didn't care, I was my own woman and didn't regret a thing.

- - - - -

Once again, I had gotten so lost in reminiscing, I hadn't realized we had stopped walking until I nearly knocked Erys over. "Oh fuck, I'm so sorry, babe! I just keep reminiscing is all." He smirked and kissed my forehead. Man there was a height difference. I was five foot five and he was six feet. Now I felt incredibly short.

"No worries, love. But at least stay in the present long enough to see this." He stepped aside and waved his hand out behind him.

Behind Erys was a beautiful garden filled with black roses, black tipped tulips and violets. It was breath taking. "Is this where you've been lately?" I smiled as I walked into the garden and sat in its center. He had hardly been around for the past couple weeks.

"Indeed. I was making this garden just for you. I recalled one of our talks while you were in captivity. You told me you loved these flowers. It wasn't easy but I found and moved them here. I just hope that they'll survive in this harsh environment."

I really didn't know what to say. No one had done something like this for me before. It was truly breath taking. And I had thought his getting to know me while I was in prison was curious. This demon of mine was full of surprises.

"Nice garden, Nyxie."

I squeaked, feathers falling. Speaking of surprises, "Alys! What brings you here?"

"I was just passing by. So, what's going on here?"

"This," Erys smirked.

"Why are you smirking like that?" I blinked as he got down on one knee. "Oh my god, Erys!"

"We changed history, my love. First we helped end an eternal war, then we had children. I'd like to further make history with you. Would you be my bride?"

A shriek escaped my black lips, tears welling in my eyes. "Holy shit, YES!"

Alys rubbed his ears. "Wow, she usually doesn't react that way."

I tackled Erys and toppled him over, his laugh bouncing me. "Glad she's happy at least."

"You devil," I giggled at my unintentional pun. "How long had you been planning this?"

"For a while now. Just kinda had to wait until everything had settled down," he wrapped his arms around me.

"Wow, so like, 3 weeks?"

"Around that amount of time."

Alys shook his head. "You two sure are quite the couple. Not only did you two break a war but you had the first inter-species children as well. What interesting lives you must lead," he walked away, toward the castle.

I looked up to Erys. "Ya know, he's right. We stop a war, have kids and even Hell seems to be transforming into something more habitable. How did we make such history?"

"I can only take a small fraction of credit here. You are the one who turned on your own kind. I still don't understand why."

I sighed lightly. "I feel as if I've known you before the siege. You're so familiar yet so distant to my memories."

"Quite a unique way to describe deja-vu," he chuckled. "But I would be lying if I didn't get the same feeling as I got to know you."

I silenced him with a kiss. "Let me be different."

He kissed my hand, slid the ring on my finger and we walked back inside. Len approached us and took me into the hallway. "Nyxie, I need you to back off from Erys. The display you two are doing is encouraging other law breaking demons."

"What are you trying to say?" I had to mentally calm myself so that my shadows didn't react to my growing tension.

"I'm saying you two should not be together."

I narrowed my eyes. "And why would I do that?"

"Because you're in my realm and you'll show me the respect I deserve as its God."

My foot slid to the side and I crossed my arms, my signature defiant pose. "Look, I'm in your realm, yes but that doesn't make me one of your demons." I huffed out my chest. Somehow my living in Hell was supposed to make me have no free will? As if! "I don't think so! We're engaged, thank you. And I don't intend to break his heart because others are finding the courage to be rebellious. And besides, that would mean you call off your own relationship to the Goddess."

Len lifted an eyebrow. "You have quite the spirit. No doubt this realm will break it from you." He turned to Erys and pulled the confused demon into his office.

I sighed as Veraque walked up behind me, tilting his head in his usual curious what's wrong way. "Len wanted me to call it off with Erys because a few demons are being rebellious. But if my mating had to be called off, so would his. He mated an angel, too." I paused, realizing I had no idea how that had come to be. "How did they end up being a thing?"

Veraque giggled. "The two were talking for like 2 days straight about gems, governing styles, ruling strategies, landscaping and abysses. It was like teenage girls gossiping. Somewhere in there, they found charm in each other. It was so adorable!"

I half smiled, shaking my head. What I would have given to see the two talking in such a manner. "I'm sure it was. Say Veraque, could I get your opinion on something?"

His spotted tail wagged. "Sure, what is it?"

I looked around to make sure no one else was around. "Come with me. I gotta show it to you." The youngest of the elders followed me down the hall and to the second door on the right. My room wasn't that impressive. I had only been living in the castle for a couple of weeks, only because Len was satisfied that I wasn't pulling a double spy routine on him. In my room was a simple queen size canopy bed with dark sheets and 3 black pillows, a simple dark mahogany dresser and a bedside table. The walls were bare, so only the reddish brown clay walls of the castle colored the room. Maybe someday I'd get decorating. For now, I wanted to show Veraque a dress I had been working on for a few days. I found the dress a few hangers in and pulled it out. "What do you think?" I closed the closet and held the gown against me. It was a black, shoulder-less dress with an orchid strip on the middle, sleeves connected to the chest that ran down to my elbow. There was a simple lavender lace running along the top of the sleeves and chest of the dress.

Veraque let out a little gasp, his tail wagging. "O sancta LATRO! It's gorgeous!" He gently touched the fabric. "Is it silk?"

"It is. While I was incarcerated, I was allowed to pass the time by sewing. So, I made myself this little gown. It was a design I'd had in mind for quite some time."

"It is simply stunning! What were you planning to do with it?"

I laid it down on the bed carefully. "Well, originally i was just gonna be a fancy gathering dress or just something to make to pass the time. But now I'm thinking this could be my wedding dress. I know brides usually wear white but let's face it. I am so far from innocent that I can't even see it anymore."

Veraque giggled at that. "Well, I haven't known you that long but I'll take your word for it. I'm sure Erys won't be wearing anything traditional either. He'd probably just show up in his usual attire." He blinked a few times, then my words sunk in. "WEDDING DRESS?! WHEN DID HE PROPOSE?!"

I swear, Veraque was so adorable when he got excited that I just wanted to squeeze him. "He did moments ago, when he showed me the garden he made me!" I smiled and got some thread and a needle from my dresser. "If Erys wears just a pair of slacks, so be it. I won't expect him to be fancy or anything less than himself. After all, I love who he is, not what he wears."

"You really are a strange angel."

"I suppose so. But that strangeness changed history." I smiled as Veraque left the room, chattering about spreading the news. I tailored the dress in the waist to be a little snugger, as it was too loose when I had last done a test fitting. After the waist was corrected, I stripped and dressed in the gown. A perfect fit. I took it off, redressed in my normal clothes, smoothed the gown and hung it up again. I set the needle and thread down on top of the dresser and went for a walk around Hell. I exited the castle and began a leisurely stroll among the land in front of the castle.

Hell's landscape was reddish, dry and desert like. There was a decent sized forest near a dark lake. There weren't that many plants around, or animals either. Perhaps that was why hunting half breeds and other "vermin" was really a thing. Maybe I could talk to the elders about bringing in some plants and animals from my home? I could perhaps bring in some perytons, griffins, dragons, jaded jasmine bushes, amber trees... I stopped and framed part of an empty field in my fingers, picturing what creatures would thrive there. Dragons did remarkably well in any landscape; as they were masters of adapting on a moments notice. Maybe some pixie flowers...My brain was buzzing with ideas.

Excited, I turned around and flew back to the castle. Though in my excitement, I failed to see the castle doors had opened and flew right into Len. Unfortunately I knocked him over. "Oh, hi! Just the person I was looking to talk to!"

I suppose I had a childishly excited expression, as he stifled a small laugh and moved me off of him. "Well, I'd say you found me but that would be an understatement."

I giggled. Despite his businessman appearance and nature, he did have a sense of humor. "So, I was walking around Hell and my brain came up with an idea to perhaps help Hell thrive a little better." I just remained sitting on the floor while he stood.

Len finished dusting himself off. "Oh? And what would this idea be?" He leaned on the door jam.

"Well, I could bring some animals and plants from my home to make it a little more habitable for the demons who live here. It could also cut down on demon hunting among your people." That last bit I had just thought of and blurted out.

Len slightly tilted his head, studying me. He was probably weighing all the possibilities and my motives for this. After being under a scrutinizing gaze for what seemed like minutes, he nodded. "I don't see the harm. And it would introduce new food for us to hunt. Plus the reduction in crime would be most welcome. Discuss this matter with your realm's leader. Should they agree, bring what you know would survive this harsh environment. You will be in charge of this project."

"Sweet!" I bounced up, my wings fluttering a little. "I'll be back then!" I skipped out of the doors. Getting to a run, I gave a huge flap of my wings and was airborne. Nanira, the Goddess of Ethereal, was a very peaceful Goddess. She was open to new ideas and would lend a hand when needed. I flew out of Hell's gates and used my nose to determine which way to go next. Southwest it was. I could always smell the lavender vanilla scent of a peryton from anywhere. My brain concocted images of what I would do and how it would be done. All I needed was Nanira's permission.

I reached Ethereal in around 10 minutes via flight, grateful I could fly. I knew where to go but still was stopped by a guard to be escorted in. It prevented any security issues if you had an escort. He led me to the modest house of the Goddess, knocked twice, opened the door and let me in.

Nanira turned her gaze upwards. "Ah, Nyxie. What brings you to my office today?"

"No doubt you've heard that I'm residing in Hell now," I began, bowing to her.

"I have. And I must say it is quite a shock. I never imagined you'd be living in such a place. No one could have predicted the outcome of the war."

"Yeah, kinda helped make history there," I smiled. "So, I was walking around Hell and I had an idea."

"You had an idea? Oh no," Nanira teasingly smiled. "I'm listening."

"I noticed that there's hardly any plants or animals in Hell. So their food chain is pretty much non-existent unless you count the maybe few cannibals, such as my mate."

Nanira tilted her head as she looked up from the papers on her desk. "I see. And knowing you, you'd like to help improve the landscape, no?"

"You got me. So, I was wondering if I could maybe bring some animals and plants to Hell?"

Nanira pursed her lips together in a half smile, raising an eyebrow. "Hmm...Had you discussed this matter with the one in charge of Hell?"

"Before I came to you. He directed me to you. If you agree, I am in charge of the project."

"Well, I agree. It would help them out and I do try to be helpful." She stood, her mahogany hair swaying gently. Her gentle lavender eyes smiling with her lips. "Let us go talk with some creatures and see who is willing to move."

I followed her out, admiring her. She was a peaceful Goddess with one of the kindest hearts I had ever met. Nanira walked into the meadow east of her house and found a family of griffins. She caressed the largest one's head and made a few coo sounds. Nanira's gift was animal communication, so all she had to do was make some sounds, have physical contact and she could talk with the animal.

The griffin fluttered its wings and made a sneezing sound without the sneeze. She turned to me. "The griffins feel Hell would be too harsh an environment for their little ones. Shall we try maybe a family of dragons and herd of peryton?"

"Of course." I bowed to the griffin family. "Thank you for your time." Even if I couldn't understand them, I was sure they could understand me, or at least the gesture I had just given. I followed Nanira as she went to the perytons, a nest of dragons and a family of bandersnatch. The peryton and dragon families were willing to move, however the bandersnatches wanted to wait until the little ones were a little bigger. From there, Nanira moved to a garden and gathered up sprouts and seeds, properly containing them. With her blessings, I made my way back to Hell. The next few months would be full of work.

Latin Translation: "Oh holy WOW!"

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Amber Cherry
I'm a little confused on the timeline. she says she's only been in hell for a short time & only in the castle a few weeks but she's got 3 kids with her mate??

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