His Little Snow
His Little Snow
Author: JOSIE


"Come here."

Tristan quietly ordered, his voice lowered than normal, compared to what I was used to.

I shook my head slowly, my feet seeming frozen on the same spot.

He walked slowly towards me before wrapping his right hand around my throat, pulling me towards him with the grip around my throat.

"You want this, stop trying to deny it." Tristan tutted into my face, the hold on my neck soft yet firm, the heat of his palm burning my already heated skin.

"No. I don't." I denied vehemently, or at least I tried convincing myself.

"Are you sure? it seems like you do." He informed me, his face losing the smile I was so fond of, now mirroring a emotionless expression.

"No, I am sure, I don't want t__" I started but the words died down in my throat immediate I felt a sharp bite on my neck followed by a strong suck.

I sucked in a deep breath as I tried not to pant loudly, why is this so arousing?

Tristan let out a humourless laugh as he licked a line up and down my neck, my breathing synch moving from almost steady to chopped and fast, my hands shooting out to grab on the hand still wrapped around my neck.

He tilted my face upwards before brushing his lips lightly against mine, the feel of his soft small lips against mine unconsciously made mine part in expectation.

"You want this, right?" He asked again, his lips brushing mine in sync with each words, his heated minty breath rendering me slightly weak in the knees.

I want this, right?

I nodded my head twice, lowing my eyelids when it seem like I was getting drowned in his gaze.

"Words, Snow. Use your words."

"I want this." I whispered out, my tongue peaking out to touch my tingling lips and wet it before slithering back in.

He released my neck before lifting my two hands above my head and capturing them in one hand, rendering me completely helpless before tugging my jaw upwards with his free hand.

"Oh Snow, you don't know what you do to me." I shivered at those whispered words just as he finally covered my lips with his, trapping my husky moans in.

Excerpt from; His Little Snow [18+]

©Josephine. C. Ivy 

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