Chapter 146: When It Is Broken

What was Sam looking for? Why was he sporting such a stressed expression? 

Ley stood a few meters behind Sam and noticed that the person's mouth was moving, yet no sound was reverberating in the place. 

Tilting his head sideward, Ley finally called him out, "Sam?" 

The butler was visibly startled, which showed on his face when he turned around and met Ley's gaze. "Young Master!" He shouted. 

However, no sound reached Ley's ears.

It turned out that while Sam could hear Ley's footsteps and voice, the latter could not. Confusion flickered in Ley's eyes. This was a fact he realized after watching the movements of the butler's lips, which obviously mouthed his usual honorifics of him. 

Then when Sam dashed towards him, that was when he noticed that there was something different with the place around the butler. The butler managed to pass through him. Also, although subtle and almost unnoticeable, the area looked like a di

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