t h i r t y - s e v e n : not a date

"You know we all go to the same school, right?"

"Yeah," she sighs, "Well kind of... I don't really remember seeing you until Andrew's party."

We've been in the same class for about 7 years.

"While you were pushing people around in the hallway, I was by one of the lockers you missed during your tirades," I say flatly.

She stutters, "We-Well, it's all part of high school. Sometimes people need a little push every now and then."

*Every day*

She's looking a little annoyed. I need to seem more into her for this to look legit. Then, I need to make it clear that I would rather never see her again.

"You look really nice."

"I know."

I'm reaching the end of my patience.

Kara's POV:

"So, talk."

"Right here?"

"Right here."

He shifts in his seat, "I want you to know that I did love you."

I scoff. Please.

"Is that all?" my patience is running thin.

"N-No. Serious

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