t h i r t y - e i g h t : you

Kara's POV:

He opens the door shirtless again, arousing a primal reaction in me. After this agonizing evening, I just want him.

So the only reasonable response was to press my lips on his.

"Mmmph" he groans, grabbing the small of my back, and closing the door behind me.

He places his hands on my neck while massaging our tongues together. Jeez.

He pulls back for a breath, "What's gotten into you?"

"Are you really asking questions, or are you going to take me up to your bedroom?"

"You do not have to tell me twice... ever."

He promptly picks me up and we head to his room, just like that first night.

He closes the door softly and places me on his bed. His room is surprisingly clean.

"A clean room? How uncharactaristic of you," I whisper lowly, breathless from our earlier activity.

"Hey! I like organization, too... sometimes."

I roll my eyes.

"Anyway, back to something more interes

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