Chapter 214: Shoot Him Now


"Where the fuck is he going?" I asked with a furrowed brows because we've been driving for a while now and I'm a little bit tired from driving, it seems that Drew doesn't have plans of stopping.

“He already knows that we're following him, he's trying to mislead us," Zuck replied unequivocally and I can't help but frown. How the fuck did he noticed that we're following him? I keep my distance from his car so that he doesn't notice that we're following him.

"You drive the car, Zuck," I commanded him and motioned for him that we exchange seats, my hand is still holding the steering wheel.

"Whoah! Easy there, you don't want us dead right?" Zuck replied and he quickly grabbed the steering wheel and moved, he was now in the driver's seat and I now took his seat.

"What are you planning to do?" He asked me, his eyes were focused on the road as we still keep on following Drew's car. I took the large bag lying next to me and open it, I rummage th

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