Chapter 215: Drew is Dead


"Who's the amateur assassin now?" I asked Zuck as I was grinning proudly at him.

"It's not the right time to be so boastful, Ashton. He's still alive." Zuck replied and motioned for me to look ahead causing my eyes to widen in shock when I saw Drew was already out of his car, he was standing beside his car holding a gun, he was now pissed off.

"Shit!" I cuss sharply and ready to take the rifle out of the window to shoot Drew again but he preceded me, I heard the sound of multiple gunshots causing my heart to beat faster as I looked at Zuck anxiously.

"Shit! Are you okay, Zuck?" I asked him worriedly but I didn't hear him say anything making me more nervous than I am right now. Drew fired a gun again and again and I just fell on the chair trying to hide.

"What the fuck are you doing, Ashton? You really are a fucking amateur assassin." Zuck yelled at me and he suddenly turned on the engine and starts driving the car, my eyes widened as I

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