Chapter 219: Bow and Arrow


The moment I got out of the car, I almost fly inside the cafe on how fast I was walking because I'm afraid that it will be too late for me to save my twin brother.

"Would you like a booth or a table, sir?" The waiter asked me but I just looked at him shaking my head and hurried up the stairs to the rooftop.

My heart was beating so fucking fast as I stepped my feet on the staircase towards the rooftop. When I got to the rooftop, it was as if a thorn had been pulled out of my heart when I saw Nicklaus standing on the side while Zie was kneeling in front of him, holding a small box.

"Nicklaus!" I called his name to get his attention, I could see the shock on their faces because they didn't expect they would ever see me again.

"A-Ashton?" Nicklaus said my name still in a state of shock, I don't know but when I saw Nicklaus and Zie I didn't feel anything anymore.

"Come with me, Nicklaus!" I said and looked around the rooftop as I wal

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