Chapter 06: Don't Leave


Zie went out of the room to wash our dishes. I do not know how many deep sighs I have released since then. I sadly went to my bag and got some presentable clothes. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower when I came out of the bathroom I was shocked to see Zie's naked body, his butt cheeks are facing in my direction again. It seems like he did not notice that I was looking at him. He looked sexy especially when he lifted his foot to slide on his briefs, I waited for him until he’s done getting dressed before I went to my bag and took my clothes. Zie sits on the bed as he adjusted the necktie to his corporate attire. I went back to the bathroom with my clothes and quickly got dressed.

"Thank you so much for welcoming me here, Zie." I sincerely said, if it weren't for him I might have slept in the waiting shed last night. I placed my bag on my back ready to leave the penthouse. I need to leave and look for a cheap apartment and a job but at my young age, I wonder what kind of job is waiting for me.

"I didn't tell you to leave, Ash," Zie said with an authoritative voice, I can’t read his expression but it seems like he was annoyed, his corporate attire added to my nervousness, he looked very bossy.

"B-But I need to leave so that I can start finding an apartment and a job." I sadly respond to him. He comes close to me and took my bag. I was confused about what he’s doing.

"Hey baby, didn't I tell you earlier that I will help you?" He spoke kindly to me. It was nice to hear him call me baby.

"I want you to live with me, you don't have to work anymore baby, I'll provide everything that you need. I will also send you to school if you want." He said seriously that it made me laugh. Did he just offer me to live with him? But why? It’s thoughtful of him to offer me shelter but what does he want from me in return?

"W-what do you want in return?" I asked, Zie might be kind to me but I know that his offer doesn’t come for free.

"Nothing to worry baby, I'll just want you to be my escort in every event I go to. I want you to be my fuck buddy." He boldly stated as if he’s just asking me for a simple thing. He wants me to be his escort, what kind of events is he referring to? Is it just a simple gathering?

"You'll be safe by my side, Ash." He added when he notices that I’m hesitant and was drowned by my thoughts. I closed my eyes as I was weighing the situation I got in. If I accept his offer, all my problems will be solved. I no longer need to find a place to live and work.

"O-okay," I answered firmly, I hope I’m doing the right thing. He is my last resort because I know that he’s the only solution available right. His smile gets wider after hearing my answer, he walked towards me and hugged me tightly.

"It’s settled then. Um, I have some paper works to do so I need to go to the office. Do you want to come or do you want to stay here in the penthouse? You can watch another movie if you want, if you don’t like the CD's then you can browse on Netflix. I also have a library here so if you want to read I can tour you to the library before I go. " I smiled at what he said. I could not help but be mesmerized by the way he treated me. I've never treated like I am a gem before and it’s overwhelming me. So kind and gentle.

"I think I’m gonna come with you," I said. I love watching mystery movies and reading novels but I don't want to be left alone here in his penthouse. I want to go with him, though knowing that he'll be doing paper works sounds boring, I guess he is used to such things. Hmm, what am I going to do in his office?

"Okay then,” he answered.

We went out of his apartment, there was a nice car parked in the garage, beside the car was a bulky man that you didn’t want to upset because you’re going to hell for sure, the man was standing there like he is some mafia bodyguard. Zie nods at the man while I just stand behind him waiting for his instruction. Zie opened the door and motion me to enter. We sat in a comfortable silence inside the car.

Just a few minutes later the car parked in front of a large building. I was greeted by large letters posted on the wall of the building. 'Mendez Publishing Inc.' My eyes widened as I looked at Zie.

"Are you the owner of this building?" I excitedly asked him. He just nodded in response. Oh my god, Zie is the owner of the famous and the number one leading publishing and printing company in the country.

"Get out baby, let's get inside," Zie ordered me, I got out of the car smiling nervously. He put his hand around my waist as we’re approaching the entrance of the building. My heart started to beat faster thinking that there is a chance that I’ll meet some of my favorite writers inside the building. My heart is full of joy and I couldn’t help but hug him tightly.

"Hey, what's wrong baby?" He asked in a concerned tone.

"I just can't believe that I have the chance now to enter this building, I have always dreamed of entering this building but the security is very strict. They didn’t even let me in when I was submitting my manuscript.” I told him and laughed when I remembered the day where I insisted to the guard to let me in, that I will be submitting my manuscript personally to the editor.

"Really? You submit a manuscript here?” He asked surprised.

“Has the editor emailed you yet? " He added.

"Yeah," I answered and sighed remembering the exact words written on the mail. That was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life.

"So?" He asked with an impatient face, waiting for my answer.

"My manuscript was rejected," I answered sadly, "it was horrible reading the mail with every word of it cut like a knife but I recovered after a few days. Well, at least I try."

"What is the reason why your manuscript was rejected?”

"Um, you don’t publish novels with boys' love theme?" I answered.

"Aw, yeah sorry about that. We haven’t tried publishing a BL novel yet and I don’t think we’re ready for it. Maybe soon we’ll give it a shot.” He said and I just nod at him as we finally went inside the building.

The employees greeted Zie warmly as we passed them and he only nodded in response. By the looks of it, everyone seems to be wondering why Zie and I are together or they might be thinking who the hell I am but no one dares to ask. Zie and I entered into a spacious room, the ambiance inside the room was very nice, the view from outside was visible through the glass wall of the room and it was breathtaking.

"Okay baby, I'll just do some paper works. I have books here if you want to read, we also have an internet connection here if you want to browse on your social accounts. Just do whatever you want. I'll be quick with these, okay baby?" He said and sat in his swivel chair, a few moments later he was already engrossed to doing some paper works as if its the most interesting job in the world. I decided not to disturbed him and walked towards the mini shelf in his office, it seems like I will be having a hard time choosing what book to read because there’s a lot of interesting titles here.

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its great that zie's helping ash...I hope they'll have a wonderful relationship...

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