Chapter 08: Skimpy Jockstrap


I was hooked on the novel I was reading that I didn't realize that the show was almost over, it seems like this is the last part of the show. A fat man with a big belly came out, the smile of success was plastered on his face, who would not be happy if there were so many people come to the show, not just people but rich people.

I finished reading chapter 39 of the novel and the next chapter will be the epilogue. I folded the book and laid it in front of me, I decided to read the epilogue later in the penthouse. I just stared at Sheri Lee, the designer, as he was busy giving a speech about the success of his show tonight.

After a while, someone suddenly stood beside me and I feel a hand wrapped around my neck. I immediately glance to my side and I saw Zie sit in the chair next to mine and act as if he is attentively listening to Sheri Lee’s speech.

"Let's go," Zie said afterward.

"B-but the show isn't over yet." I yelp at what he said. He just looked at me as if he can’t believe what I say. He raised his eyebrows at me and I could do nothing but follow him outside. I don’t care that the show is not yet over because I didn't watch it in the first place.

"We're going back to the penthouse, Stuart," Zie instructed his driver. Stuart nodded and got into the car. Zie came in next so I went in after him.

"Are you okay baby?" Zie asked in the middle of the trip.

"I’m okay, how’s the show?" I asked him, it was the first time I witness a live fashion show.

"Tsk, why didn't you watch the show? Did you know I was only wearing a jockstrap then?" He teased me, I blushed as I imagined him wearing a jockstrap. I kind of regretted not watching him, though I already saw his naked body. We sat in comfortable silence for the rest of the trip, until the car stopped in front of the penthouse. Zie got out of the car and I was about to open the door on my side when Zie beat me to it, I smiled at what he did.

We went inside the elevator, I saw Zie clicked the 'Top Floor' button. We were inside the elevator for a few minutes until it stopped and the door opened. When we enter into the penthouse, I stopped for a moment seeing the beautiful design of the living room

There is a table in the middle where it is surrounded by delicious foods and sweets, on the other side not too far from the table was a piano on display. It seems like the penthouse was renovated, I thought we enter the wrong door for a moment because I didn’t recognize the penthouse anymore. The furniture inside is really beautiful, there are paintings on the wall, and the buildings outside can be seen on the glass walls. The surroundings are quite dark which adds to the romantic aura of the room.

"It’s beautiful." I couldn’t help but say the only word that describes the aura of the whole room while smiling broadly at Zie.

"I’m happy that you liked it," Zie said and kissed me on the cheek. He went to the table and lit the candles that were positioned in the middle of the table. I approached the place where the piano was. I could not help but smile and get sad at the memories that flashed my mind. When I was still at home I used to play the piano in the church every Sunday or whenever there is a mass gathering. I was one of the children that our church trained to be a musician and singer.

I am also a member of our church choir. I still remember the smiles that reflected on my parents' lips every time I played and sang in our church. It is sad to think that I will never experience that again, I will never be able to see their smiles again, I don’t have the chance to ask them anymore if they miss me. Because I miss them. I miss my parents despite all the things that my father did to me.

"Hey, are you okay? Is there a problem?" Zie whispered to me when he saw my eyes started to water, I wiped away the tears that trickled from my eyes before facing Zie.

"I-I'm fine," I replied to him smiling slightly to reassure him that I am okay.

"Do you play the piano?" He asked.

"A little bit," I replied.

"Would you play for me? I want to see you play but maybe do it later. Let's eat first." Zie said and walked over to me. We went to the table and sat down. I find the settings very romantic, I am very lucky to be able to experience these things that I only watched before in dramas.

"Thank you, Zie,” I said sincerely, I don’t know how many times I said these words but one thing’s for sure, I will never get tired of saying it to him. I’m thankful because even though he didn't know me well, he still trusted and helped me, I don't know what will I do or where I am now if he doesn’t help me.

"For what?" He asked confused.

"For everything," I said and smiled at him, he smiled back but did not respond.

Our dinner ended in comfortable silence. It seems like both I and Zie feel the same way and it doesn’t need to be utter, his sweet gesture is enough to let me know that he cares for me.

"By the way, someone will pick you up here tomorrow morning, be ready okay?" Zie informs me, I couldn't help but wonder and it looks like he noticed the changes in my facial expression.

"I'm not kicking you out baby, I'll be attending an event and as we agreed you'll be my escort, that's why I want you to be ready by tomorrow." He said laughing while pouring a little amount of wine in his wine glass.

"What event?" I ask in curiosity. Does he have a new show again?

"You'll know tomorrow," Zie said teasingly so much to my frustration.

"Um, any clue?" I asked.

"Well, something kinky," Zie replied in a faint voice but enough for my bristles to shudder. Something kinky? What event is he referring to? A lot of ideas come on my mind. Whatever Zie is referring to, I need to ready myself.

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