Chapter 10: Doppelganger


It’s already ten o'clock in the evening. It took us almost four hours to drive before we reached our destination. When Zie and I got out of the car, a huge mansion is proudly flaunting in front of me. Zie held his shoulder again to me and I gladly wrapped my hand around his broad shoulder. When we were about to enter the mansion, Zie took out two black masks and gave it to me.

"Do not remove that mask no matter what happens or no matter what you see inside do not make a scene." Zie reminded me. There was a slight nervousness in my chest as I put on the mask. What does he mean by not making a scene? Why would I make a scene?

"Let's go," Zie said and we finally entered the huge mansion. It was amazing to see the hall, it was full of guests who were also in a suit. The erotic music can be heard in every corner of the hall, and the waiters are busy giving drinks to the guests. As I was observing the surrounding, it seems like this is not just an ordinary event. In the middle of the
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This is so exciting to read. !!!

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