Chapter 11: He's Still Alive


I can't move my feet, it feels like my heart stop beating as I'm trying to contain my breathing. H-How come my twin is alive? Am I just hallucinating? Is this true? My heart seemed to stop beating at what I just witnessed. My twin Nick is in front of me in a flesh? If he's alive then whose corpse did we had a vigil for a week? I thought my twin was dead. I thought my twin had left me forever.

"Ash?" Zie looked at me and then to my twin on the stage. I could see that he's surprised by what he just saw.

The day came back to my mind when my parents told me that my twin was dead, they told me that my twin did not survive the accident they were involved in two years ago. All these years, they were telling me lies, but why would they lie to me?

I gulped when I glance at my twin brother again, his eyes seem so tired and sad, he was emotionless looking at the guests in front of him. My heart sank knowing that my brother is a victim of human trafficking, why are they selling my brother?
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Abaton Claire
ohh gosh this is so exciting..I can't wait for the twins to meet ............
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Rose Agim
very interesting
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so good and exciting.

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