Chapter 12: Dollar Sign


I slowly opened my eyes and pain suddenly rush through my eyes so I closed my eyes again, my head hurts too. When I try to open my eyes again, I realized I was in Zie's room already, beside me is his naked body, he's still sleeping soundly.

I carefully removed his hands around my waist and descended from the bed. When my feet touch the cold floor, memories of what happened tonight suddenly filled my mind. I can't believe that I just witnessed a scene that I never think exists in real life. The face of my brother enclosed in a cage as if he was some kind of a feral animal. I hate myself, I didn't do anything to help him.

I took off my clothes one by one and went straight to the bathroom and open the shower. My body was drenched with the cold water coming from the shower, it was so cold but I just ignored it. After a few minutes of letting myself get soaked with cold water, the showerhead suddenly stops and a piece of a towel wrapped around my naked body. Zie was sternly looking a
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