Chapter 14: Meeting The Doppelganger


I'm freaking nervous. Only the music in Zie's car stereo could be heard as I'm trying to remember the words I want to say to Nick. What should I tell him first? How are you? I thought you were gone? or maybe just simple hi would do? Suddenly, I don't know what to say or how to act in front of my twin. How would he react when he saw me? Will he be as happy as I am?

"Ash," Zie called me, I turned in his direction, and only then did I realize that the car had stopped.

"You've been spacing out," Zie commented.

"I'm just a little nervous." That was a lie, little is just an understatement because the truth is I'm freaking nervous to the point where I'm going to ask him to drive back to the penthouse. But I need to see my twin.

"Everything will be okay, Ash." Zie comforted me and held my hand, he squeezed it softly which delivered a strange pleasure to my chest, somehow gradually reducing my nervousness.

"Let's go," Zie said and got out of the car, my legs were shaking as I followed hi
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