Chapter 15: Bad and Good News


"W-What happened d-daddy? Why does he seem so angry with me? Why does it feel like he despised me and wanted nothing from me? Doesn't he miss me? Why?" I cried in Zie's arms, we were inside his car and I don't want to leave without asking my twin what's wrong, I don't want to leave knowing my twin kind of hate me for an unknown reason. I was confused, did Nick hate me because he thought I was not looking for him? That I forgot about him? All my life, I thought my twin brother is dead, did my parents lied to me? But for what reason, this is making me anxious.

"Let's go back please, I want to talk to Nick, maybe he was just surprised by my presence earlier," I begged Zie but he just looked at me with pity on his face.

"Not now Ashton, this is not the last time you'll meet your twin brother, Rex and I will set you two up to talk but let your twin brother adjust to his new life, for now, let's come back whenever he's ready to talk to you, okay?" Zie replied and kissed me on the fore
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