60. It's A New World.

Agnes and Darby reached to a different city.

It was familiar...coming back to the land they lived was kind of refreshing all sorts of bittersweet memories.

They were in Brasov, Transylvania. The land where it all started and the land where it all is going to end.

He went back to where it happened. He wanted to take away the power of the painful memory to hurt, prove to himself that he could choose to move on. So he took the time to remember the one he loves the most, his lover, they made a great memory, a happy one.

Now when his brain goes back there he diverts it only to the good memory, the healing one. It's as if he wrote a good story over the top of a bad story, and in time the ink of the bad story fades away until only the good one remains.

"What are you planning, Agnes?" he asked in hushed tones.

"A witch never tells her plans to ordinary beings," were her words.

A mouse squeaked trotting towards Agnes when she crouched down to pick him.
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