61. Getting Too Far.

"They left!"

"Left where?"

"Azazel said they left for Brasov," Katrina carefully mentioned.

Alexandra was getting impatient. This was it.

Agnes deliberately took Darby with him. She wants both of them to be parted.

"KK, please arrange a trip for me to Brasov," Alexandra mentioned hastily.


"Katrina, please!" Alexandra interrupted sternly.

She, for the first time, had called her by full name.

Alexandra never called her Katrina but KK.

She who just parted her lips to speak swallowed back the words and gave a nod as she walked away.

"Are you certain about going, Brasov?" Althea asked when Alexandra just glanced at her.

Pursing her lips on a thin line she kept her mouth shut.

Althea stood up to walk to Katrina and asked, "Are you really sending her Brasov?"

"I am also going with her," replied Katrina.

"But, Katrina. You do know that her..." Althea was being interfered immediately by Katrina, "Yes,
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