62. Seven Chances.

"If your name is in the ancient book and you know where the gemstone is...then you can get it."

While Althea was speaking, Katrina and Alexandra have their minds running to different thoughts.

"Let me visit Pyke," said Alexandra.

"But what about the matter of you being dead?" Lidia who was sipping the fresh blood holding a glass in her hand.

"Nobody even remembers this..." Althea clicked her tongue.

Pyke was on his way to go home when he had Alexandra calling.

They planned to meet at the new villa of Darby...and after fifteen minutes the handsome dhampir arrived.

"Is everything alright?" he asked unaware.

"I am going Brasov," Alexandra declared making him astonished.

"What?" he blurted out.

"Brasov? But why?"

"Your mother took my fiance to Brasov," mentioned Alexandra.

"You are going with me."

Pyke had no interest in meeting his mother, Agnes.

He knew she doesn't love him, neither does it was pointless
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