1. Femme Fatale.

"Alright, settle everybody!" the loud and clear female voice interrupted the chattering of the employees.

Then, within a second all of the employees got seated, carefully with a straight posture.

The hoofing of the shoes made some of them gulp in nervousness while the eyes of the female workers lit up, thinking of nothing but their hot arrogant boss.

The man walked in, three-day stubble and a neatly pressed suit, the kind you only see on high priced lawyers and gangsters. He took in the room with a single sweep, his hazel eyes settling on nothing but the bunch of employees who were politely yet quietly seated.

"That's it?" his deep yet mesmerizing voice hit the ears of the employees and it was a melody, sweet yet soft.

He had tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were a mesmerising deep, the softest brown infused with green as if he held the new spring growth inside. They were the forest floor and the gentle flowers, somewhere to rest and breathe. His face was strong and defined, his features moulded from granite. He had dark eyebrows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. His usually playful smile had drawn into a hard line across his face. His perfect lips were ripe for the kissing. His strong hands, slightly rough, slid in his pocket and his mouth twitch... something was going on his mind.

"Yes, Mr Rothschilds... these are the main employees of our company," the secretary informed politely.

"Alright... as you all know that I'm going to be your boss from now on. There are certain rules... in my company... in my presence..." he walked towards his seat and got seated.

"Hilda..." he said and the secretary quickly handed each of the employees a paper of rules and regulations.

After the fifteen-minute meeting, when the lecture was over, he stood without saying a word and turned to leave the conference room.

Darby Rothschilds, he was the most handsome and eligible bachelor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Taking over his father's business and expanding it in different countries, he was new here. Rumours were, he's said to be the very straightforward and difficult to bear kind of person. That was one of the reasons he is still single. 

He held this unique charisma... the exasperated look he always carries in his face. Nobody, in person or magazines and social media, has seen him smiling. 

"What is my schedule for today, Hilda?" he without looking back kept on walking to the elevator when his secretary from behind was struggling to get the IPad on and his handsome voice said, "I asked you to arrange a personal secretary for me, Hilda. Is it too much to ask?" 

With a sigh, he was expecting everything to be done fast when his secretary replied, "Mr Rothschilds... please give me some time. I'm fetching the perfect assistant for you. I've been personally interviewing with them."

"And as for your schedule... you have a meeting in exactly five minutes with Mr Fernsby," she spoke respectively.

"Is he here, yet?" asked the arrogant boss and the secretary who just pressed the button of the elevator, gave a nod.

"So, Mr Rothschild... I wanted to receive you at the airport personally but due to a few..." Mr Fernsby was interfered by Darby himself who spoke, "It's alright, Mr Fernsby... you are never on time."

Hearing this, the man in front of the boss, hesitated for a second, then managed to speak, "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Mr Rothschilds, I would solely like to invite you for dinner tonight," he said delightfully.

Darby was quiet for a second, then spoke," Tonight, I'm not free."

"Oh... no worries, then, Mr...." Fernsby was interrupted by Darby, "I believe you want to invite me for dinner in the coming weekend?" 

Mr Fernsby gave a quick nod and Darby just gives a casual reply saying, "I will inform you."

He was, after all, Darby Rothschilds... the worst one of all.

It was a night time when Darby swam in the pool of his luxurious villa. His body was here but mind... was somewhere else.

Darby's POV:

I often feel like a lone wolf in the world. Striding above the trends, the fads, the things that we get so overworked about and yet don't mean so much. Wearing clothes that aren't "in" right now, listening to classical music, watching old movies and reading the philosophy books. I don't watch the news, I don't use social media, I don't spend my weekends at the bars and I don't care frankly. I've done bad things in my life, I've squandered chances and passed over friends but I am on the hunt for redemption and a new path. I am on a hunt for greatness. I am still looking for that girl who can challenge me, learn with me, overcome meaningful battles and share the best moments with me. I am looking for a girl who wants to achieve great things in her life, to be remembered, to have her name on billboards and statues. I am still looking for a girl I can hold in my arms, pin down underneath me and submit unconditionally to my life. What I cannot do without, nothing less will suffice. She has to complete me in ways I haven't even figured out yet.

Wrapping a towel around his waist, he walked to the living room, pouring himself a glass of his favourite red wine, leaning to the bar counter.

He didn't even look back when he felt a presence, a fragrance of jasmine mixed with fruit.

"Why are you here?" he asked, still not looking back.

The girl put her delicate hand on his wide shoulders and made his face towards her.

"I heard you need to relax..." she grinned.

No doubt, the girl was pretty, wearing a very short dress in silver with deep neck and the dress... it was only reaching to her thighs. Her raven black hair tied up in a high ponytail and a soft yet natural makeup applied on her pretty face.

Darby made eye contact with her and without thinking, he just grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs to his room.

While walking up the stairs, the girl could not help but smile seductively. 

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