4. Dark Mare.

The city hospital, where Mr Smith was taken and Darby's car was parked right in front of the hospital building.

Darby hasn't visited any patient in a hospital in ages. Could there be a chance he can go in? 

Darby Rothschilds has very resentful memories regarding the hospitals. Whatever has happened in his past... there's no chance in hell he will go in.

"Come on, sir," Hilda spoke respectively. And Darby seemed to lost in his thoughts. 

"Mr Rothschilds?" she uttered politely.

"Huh?" he said unaware.

"Let's go inside, sir," she said.

"Um... no, Hilda. You go inside and check up on Mr Smith. I'm not going in. The... the place is crowded," he made up an excuse.

of course, he could not let his assistant know that he has a fear of going into hospitals.

One thing Hilda knew that Darby does not like crowded places so this kind of made sense.

"Alright sir..." she gave a quick nod and held the bouquet she arranged for Mr Smith on behalf of Darby and stepped out of the shining black Mercedes Benz while he exhaled deeply.

Its been fifteen minutes and he was waiting patiently for his secretary to come back and when she did, the driver pulled over.

On the way, she told him Mr Smith's condition and they discussed a few business topics and dropped Hilda at the office.

"See you tomorrow, Hilda," he said with an impassive face and she gave a nod.


Darby stepped into the shower, toes flinching as they touched the chilled ceramic floor. His mind was in shreds; he would never get that picture out of his mind. He turned the dial, old and metallic, releasing thousands of lukewarm drops, darkening his hair and trickled down his back. His eyes fell closed over and over, each time showing him the images like photographs ...

The water pours down, it drips by his side, as his mind fades into dullness and everything is a foggy illusion. The sensation of the steamy water calms him; it takes his mind off things. All the things he honestly doesn't care about. It's the water. His mind swirls, and it's like he's standing under an everlasting waterfall. Ever so beautiful, but it can never last, he knows that now.

Darby walked down the stairs wearing a navy blue tux... the gentleman as he could be. 

Not looking less than a prince charming. He was the perfect muscular man...

"Sir, the car is ready," the butler spoke as he curtsy in front of him.

Walking to the car, he stepped inside and the driver pulled over.

On the way. he texted Laura and got a reply in an instant.

She was ready for him.

The car reached in front of a modern-day luxurious villa and a girl extremely beautiful, wearing a navy blue dress, walking in six-inch heels... a smile so gorgeous on her pretty face.

The driver politely opened the rear door of the car and she thanked him.

"Hey, Darby..." she got seated and kissed his left cheek while he complimented her by saying, "You look ravishing..."

"You look handsome. And what a coincidence... we are wearing matching outfits," she said in a delightful tone.

"Yes," were the only words released from his mouth.

"Where are we going?" she asked excitedly.

"Someplace nice," he replied casually.

"Oh, I'm excited..." she said thrilled.

The elevator slowly rises from the ground floor of the 'Hotel Hershey'.

The ring of the lift fills the space as they come to a stop. A slight pause and the doors slowly slide open. 

They stepped into the waiting area to be greeted by an enthusiastic young girl, the host.

"Welcome to Hotel Hershey, do you have a reservation?" asked the girl with a simple black t-shirt with some heels and smart pants.

"Eight o'clock, the roof I believe. Darby Rothschilds," he replied.

She scans the board in front of her for a few moments before landing her finger on a space.

"Ah yes, follow me, we'll get you sat down right away." she smiled.

The girl leads them through to the main bar and a restaurant. 

When he pulled a seat for her, she slightly blushed and said, "Ever the gentleman," when he walked to the opposite side and got seated.

The man was looking a complete gentleman, he knew how to put a look together, for a rugged man like himself he could dress when he felt the temptation.

"This place is so good," she said amused.

The waiter came with the menu and asked for the choice of drink they would like to have.

Darby ordered Chateau De Bardes, it was one of his favourites.

All the time, Laura could not stop smiling, She was finally on a date with Darby Rothschilds.

Don't they look a perfect couple? She thought to herself.

The waiter came after five minutes and presented a sealed bottle of Chateau De Bardes and with a sharp utensil, he struggles to open it.

Another second and he grunted in pain as he scraped his finger.

The flow of blood released from his finger and Darby's eyes were fixed on the wound.

He gulped while the colour drained from his face and Laura felt bad for the waiter.

"Oh my God! Are you okay?" she asked in sympathy while Darby swallowed the saliva in his throat... to himself calm... he could not utter a word.

"Darby, see him..." Laura just turned her face around and saw his change of colour from his face and knitted her brows.

"Darby, are you okay?" she asked putting a hand on his.

"Yes... yes..." he stammered as he spoke.

"I can't really see blood," he added and stood up to walk towards the restroom, leaving the lady alone.

Standing in front of the mirror, Darby examined his face closely, the colour of his eyes changed into a spark of autumn's flecks... red.

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