8. A Sigh Of Relief.

The men were attacking one by one that's why they were being hit.

Then they decided to attack together.

A guy from behind grabbed her from the neck, two held both of her hands and a man who was standing right in front of her spoke, "We are going to tear you apart."

His smirk was getting bigger and bigger when his partner said, "Let's take her to the corner and finish our work."

She was shouting for help but the road was completely desolate. Not a single car or person was present there.

"Leave me!" she shouted struggling in the men's grip when all of them heard a deep voice saying, "Are you all deaf?"

All of the men turned around to see there was the tall figure but they could not see him because of the darkness.

"Get going young man. There's no work for you here," said a drunk man when he replied, "You heard the girl. Leave her."

The voice of the man was deep yet stern.

"Or else? Will you rape us just like we are going t

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