12. Blueberry Faygo.

"Charlotte, let's go out somewhere, "Joe said tapping his hands on the table while Lola answered, "It's a weekday, Joe..."

"So what? It's not like we have to go to school or college tomorrow."

"Xandra in which college you were?" Charlotte asked when she hesitantly answered, "I haven't gone to college."

The three of them exchanged looks then Lola spoke, "No college degree and you are boss' personal assistant? You have something done..."

"What do you mean?" Xandra asked unaware when Joe replied, "I'm a master graduated and after a lot of struggle. I got the job in Rothschilds Corporations..." after a pause he continued, "And these two girls have a higher education. So all of us had done some hard work to reach here."

"She may not have a college degree but her nature and way of talking have impressed me to hire her," Hilda came interrupting their conversation when she continued, "And unlike us, her dressing sense is also very good. At least she's not

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