Chapter Six

Thea's POV

      Walking out of his private plane, we got in his car. Enna sat between us. She climbed in his lap and was glancing out of the window.  She held my hand and took it in her lap. It compelled me to lean closer to them. My eyes widened, when I felt his hand on my waist, tugging me toward them. I was staring at him with parted lips. He raised his brows. I quickly shifted my gaze out of the window. 

      " We'll see the Eiffel tower. " Enna giggled. 

      " Sure, sweetheart. Tomorrow. " He said. 

      I kept quiet all the time and kept my eyes out. I ignored the flip in my stomach when my arm was brushing his torso. I looked at him through the corner of my eyes. His eyes were on mine.

      This feeling is strange. When he comes near to me, I want to run away. When he's away I want him around me. 

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