Chapter Nine

Thea's POV

         I tucked my hair over the mark. He's a beast. I haven't seen anyone doing this to his wife. He marked my body. My dress wasn't helping to hide it. Why was he bothering about the ring? I can't live my life with his rules. 

     Someone knocked on the door. I sauntered and opened it. He was standing, hands in his pocket. I rolled my eyes and turned. But he grabbed my wrist, " What do you want? " I tried to push him away. Who knows, he can bite me again. 

     " You, " he huskily said. 

     Shockingly, my eyes gazed at him, " Excuse me. " I wrinkled my lips. I still remember his words last night. 

     He tucked my hair back my shoulder, revealing my mark, " It's better now. " he whispered. 

     What was he trying to prove? " Don't forget you have a daughter. Who'll see it

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