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In a small village in Camarines Norte, Rei Zax and his friend Laishia live together for more than a year. They're happy back then, their friendship is like a stone that can't break by anyone else.

But after a few years Laishia became cold and drunky one. She also tried to taste a drug but Rei Zax stop her.

He don't know the reason is, even he want to resolve the problem towards them. Laishia always disclosing the topic.

He thought that it will resolve soon, he always keep praying and trusting God for almost a year of his life. Because he know, God can resolve anything even it's small or big.

But something happened. He and his friend Daxon find a way to make Laishia feel comfortable on other people again and how she tell the truth to them without feeling scared.

Nalaman nila ang totoo sa mismong bibig nito. Ngunit matapos nilang asikasuhin at makuha ang hustisya. May isang pangyayari na hindi inaasahan ng dalawa.

Masaya pa naman sila noong una pero magbabago dahil na rin sa isang pangyayari na kailangan nilang mamili sa tatlo na pinakamahalagang salita sa buhay nila.

Friendship, Career or Love?

What will they gonna choose on this three approximately?

 And what if the hidden mystery resolved. Can Rei Zax hold it all? Or he will be forever Scream in Silence and never do to break the stigma?

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