CEO's Precious Wife has Lots of Secrets
CEO's Precious Wife has Lots of Secrets
Author: Angelina Bhardawaj

Qingxi, the elder daughter of the Luo family, that has taken her mother, her younger sister, and her under their wings when the elder son of the Luo family, Luo Zengluo married her mother Luo Lin Che.

Was her biological father dead? No.

Qingxi's mother willingly left her dad because she didn't like the idea of his so-called mediocre living styles, or that was what everyone thought during the time of their divorce.

Was Qingxi willing to follow her mother to the rich family? No! But then, she was not the most favored kid for her mother, either.

Qingxi was the type of girl who was always liked and appreciated by everyone. The one that could make boys swoon over her and make elders want to marry her into their families and let her become their daughter-in-law. Gifted with several abilities like acting, singing, and dancing, she was bound to have found happiness right? 

However, things weren't really favorable and easy in her case. Her luck in her teenage life was far from good.

Abandoned by her own biological mother just after she was born, she was forced to spend her innocent and blossoming childhood years in the vicinity of a poor village near the forest with her maternal grandmother.

Even though her father was not dead, but, due to some secret work that he was always involved in, he used to meet her seldomly, so that he can ensure her safety. Her childhood, thus, was spent in her wanting of her parents' affection.

When her maternal grandmother died, she was left with no choice but to go to her mother's new husband's home. However, this time it was by her own will because she had fallen in love with a young heir Gao Ying, who had once visited their village and had taken her heart away.

She did everything to become the compatible wife for this young and rich heir Gao Ying, left all her bad habits, became a mute mouse against all the injustice done to her, only to portray herself as the best fit for her love. 

They were engaged in the presence of elders of both the families when they came to know how fond they were of each other. But, what came next was beyond Qingxi's expectations.

It was okay when her mother did not love her and treat her badly, but she couldn't handle it when her own sister betrayed her by going behind her back and sleeping with her fiancee Gao Ying.

Faced with such brutalities in her teenage life, where children usually concentrate on school life, their first love, and enjoy their life, she had to face such brutalities like backstabbing, home-abuse, and lack of affection along with a broken heart.

Left with no choice, she made her heart strong as a stone and decided to leave the country for good so that she could come back as a strong woman and become the best actress anyone had ever seen and accomplish all her dreams that Luo family had snatched away from her.

What no one knew was that, behind her innocent pain-bearing face, was one of the strongest hackers of the world and a to-be killing assasinator, and that she was backed by an agency that was the second most powerful in the whole province. But why would they back her? Was it because of her dad's connections with the organization, or just because she ruled them? They had taken it into their hands that they will nurture this girl and always protect her like their own. However, with the change in time, and as she grew, controlling her became the toughest task anyone could've given them.

With her bandit attitude paired with her new gain abilities like hacking and ancient martial arts, she was growing more insolent and unruly for the leader's liking.

What happens when her dreams and plans get entangled with the young master of Lu's family who had fallen for her charms and beauty at first sight? The one who had been looking for her for the past few years and was hellbent on making her his, since he had finally found her.

Her stone heart facade was cracked when she met a kid merely 6 years old. All she wanted to do was kidnap this kid, however, things didn't work her way when the uncle of the kid came in with a proposition of marrying him, to get the kid.

The uncle of this kid was none other than our young master Lu Jingzhe who ruled China's real state business singlehandedly.

Lu Jingzhe is not only the ruler of the business world but also the leader of the number one gang in China. 

Will he be able to control his jealousy when he'll see all the hot shots of the industry lurking around to marry his love?

What will happen when he'll come to know about her real ancestors and her entanglement in the underworld.

Will he be able to make her fall in love with him, when there was such a tough competition going among the prominent families kids to make her the bride.

Maybe his chances were actually high because he possessed something that no one else did. That was, a cute adorable nephew that Qingxi adored too much!

An excerpt from the book~~~

"This...Our young master wants to talk with you. If you don't mind please follow me. He is sitting in the car behind that tree." A man clad in the black suit said.

Sure enough, when Qingxi peeked behind the man, she could see a car parked behind a far tree from the railings outside her apartment. 

"If he wants to talk with me then isn't it proper manners to come here rather than sending someone to call over for me?" Qingxi asked coldly.

"This...This.." That man felt a bit confused as to what to answer to this.

Wasn't it always the females, who used to run head over heels when someone rich and influential comes to talk with them?

Especially when we are talking about the CEO of Lu corporations, the big boss?

Looking at the site of the apartment and her too casual clothes, it finally appeared to him.

'I think she is playing hard to get.' That man thought before scoffing loudly.

Qingxi who was already in a bad mood for not finding a suitable job for herself felt a bit aggrieved with his scoffing.

From the way this man had scoffed at her, it was clear what had gone through his mind.

Before he could say anything to her again.

She smiled slightly and said,

"You know what? F*CK Off. You and your so-called young master can go and stick their heads up their ass." With that, she closed the door with a loud bang.

Lu Jingzhe who was sitting in the car not far away couldn't help but think of unraveling this mystery slowly as he makes her fall in love with him.


If you are ready to unravel the mystery called Qingxi with me, then let's go!!

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