Unclear past

" Dumb ?! " said Emily surprised .

" Yes ! The royal academy " Golden knowledge " , it's been my dream to study there before I entered high school but I didn't have the right financial situation to go there . " said Kiara with a sad smile .

Emily looked at her for a second .

" If your family has financial problems then how are you able to attend this school ? It's not the royal academy but still is an expensive school . " said Emily .

" It's all thanks to the fact that I won a scholarship . " said Klara with a smile .

" Your intelligent , nice ." said Emily with an encouraging smile .

" Anyway I worked really hard to achieve excellent grades . While facing all those difficulties on the way I learned that I had other talents . To tell you the truth I wasn't sure if I was to...., to study there but because of a family problem I was forced to give up . " said Kiara with a forced smile .

" You were chosen for a full scholarship ?! For high school ?! " said Emily surprised .

Emily's look was shocked . She knew very well that it was practically impossible for simple people with no financial support . Also for scholarship students the requirements of being chosen were hard . Only a few people who turned out to be genius were chosen as scholarship students . Not to mention that the high school program was tighter than the university program .

" I didn't say that I won . I passed the two rounds but I wasn't able to make it in the third and final round so I was disqualified ." said Kiara .

" Cause of the family problems ? " asked Emily .

" Yes ! " said Kiara and a bitter memory suddenly came to mind . Kiara became sad just from remembering the past .

" How did your family begin to have financial trouble ? " asked Emily . Kiara smiled in a forced way and looked at her .

" It's been three years since my dad lost his job and from that moment awards, I didn't lead a peaceful life . I became adjusted to the "new" world surrounding me . " said Kiara .

"Why did your father lost his position in the family ? What work did he do ? " asked Emily with a curious expression .

Emily was unable to stay calm . She wanted to know the reason why she refused the scholarship . Emily started to ask even more questions . Kiara began to understand that she was trying to know more than allowed .

" You know Emily, you are a nice girl. I can tell that but I just met you and seriously don't expect me to answer those questions . They are a little too private don't you think ?! " said Kiara with a smile .

Kiara's pure brown and naive eyes were piercing their serious sight in Emily's eyes . Emily thought that she was cool and scary at the same time . She began to understand that she couldn't get any information from her instead she would only gain her anger . Emily decided to leave this topic to the detective of her family.

" I'm sorry for being impolite Kiara . I won't mention it anymore . " said Emily with a sorry expression .

" Good ! It seems that there aren't so many people at the board so I am going to check the class we are in . Will you come ? " asked Kiara .

" You go ahead first cause I have to make a phone call . " said Emily and took her phone out .

" What about the class where you are in ? " said Kiara .

" Don't worry. I will see it myself but I have to make this call even if it would take a while cause my mom talks too much ." said Emily with a neutral expression .

"Hahaha ! Same as mine ." said Kiara .

Both girls laughed then Kiara left . Emily called one of her workers .

" Hello , my lady ! With what can I help you with ? " asked the worker .

" I want you to take a look at the archives of scholarship participants . Among the ones who failed check the student name Kiara . " said Emily in an ordering tone .

" And her surname my lady ? " asked the worker .

" I forgot it . Anyway if more than one Kiara show up send me a photo and I will tell you who's the one you need to get more detailed information about . " said Emily .

" Yes my lady ! " said the worker in a polite tone .

Emily was about to put her phone in the pocket when it rang . She saw Sky's name and decided to answer.

"Look who finally called ! Me and Sebastian have called you more than a thousand times . Where are you now ? " said Emily in a sarcastic tone .

" Come on Emily ! Don't start . I have gone through a lot of troubles with the Tech company in California . " said Sky while touching his forehead .

"Couldn't you use your powers ? " asked Emily .

" Stupid ! You know grandpa would cut all of my money if I did ." said Sky with a laugh . 

" You are right ! Anyway, I was about to call you to inform you that we signed the contract with the company in Japan . " said Emily .

" Great  , now only Paris and Berlin are left . " said Sky happily .

" Yes but your grandpa called us when we were on the plane and he said that he would take care of it . You have to come here to the school since is the first day . " said Emily with a very serious tone .

"Do I really have to ?! " said Sky who was unwilling to come .

" Yes you do ! " said Emily in a serious tone .

"Are there a lot of people ? " asked Sky . His tone was clearly that of a troubled person .

" Yes, so it's better if you wear a disguise . " said Emily in a serious tone .

" How annoying ! " said Sky troubled when thinking of the girls .

" Don't worry! Not all the girls here like you . " said Emily in a relieved expression that confused Sky .

" What do you mean ?! " asked Sky surprised .

"I encountered a very interesting girl here . Her name is Kiara . She is really kind and strong . I faced some trouble with the guardian . He was scaring me to death and she helped me and faced him without fear even though he was way taller than her . We chatted a little and she turned out to be intelligent too . " said Emily with an interesting tone .

" Intelligent ! Well, most of the girls I have encountered until now are stupid apart from you . " said Sky .

" That's cause we are one in our kind . But she is intelligent cause she thinks you are really dumb ! " said Emily with a laughing tone .

" What , are you making fun of me ? " asked Sky with a serious tone .

" No I am not . You'll see for yourself when you come here. Maybe she can fix that boring , serious and cold character of yours ." said Emily with hope .

" Hahahahaha ! Oh please don't make me laugh . I am a vampire after all my blood is meant to be cold . " said Sky with a smirk .

"We'll see . I will wait for you in class .... Wait a minute until I check where my name is ?"

The board was too far so she used her super vampire sight to see everything .

"How lucky we are in the same class , 1-D! Me , you and Kiara . " said Emily.

"Nice , then we will meet soon . " said Sky .

" Yeah ! I have to go now so don't be late . " said Emily .

" No I won't . " said Sky and closed the call .

" Where do you want to go now your highness ? "asked the driver .

" Law university . Fast ." ordered Sky .

" Yes your highness . "said the driver .

' It's rare for someone to pick Emily's interest . I'm curious who it may be ?' though Sky to himself while waiting to arrive at the university .

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Tammy O'Leary
why did he loose his job....not why did he lost
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Hayat Danny
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