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Starr's POV
I made my out of the elevator, walking down the hall to see a few people sitting outside of my office. I looked over to the reception desk to find it empty as I made my way to my office wondering if she was here.

I opened my door, stepping in spotting her near the file cabinet as I closed the door.

"Good morning Cassidy,"

"Ms Webster," she replied smiling as I moved over to my desk.

"Are all of them for me?" I asked referring to the people outside as she moved over to the door grabbing a small stool.

"No some of them are for Alec, he is still on his assistant search," she said and I smiled, my her gaze following her as she moved around the office gracefully, before climbing on top of the stool.

"What are you doing?" I asked cautiously.

"I'm looking for the Prons file," she replied as I moved over to her. I held onto the stool in fear of her falling, it hadn't been a secret that I was attracted to both men and women even though some people choose to ignore it.

I have always been able to separate my personal life from my professional but with Cassidy those line seemed to be blurred and worst part was she was straight.

"I found it," she said and I moved back allowing her to step down, she turned facing me her light brown eyes locking with mine.

"Why do you need it?"

"I don't Alec does," she replied and I rolled my eyes.

"He needs to find his ass an assistant and stop using mine," I mumbled irritated and she laughed.

"I'm not complaining," she said amused.

"But I am, I don't like sharing," I said and she smiled walking out of my office.
Three days later
I took a sip of my of whiskey something I became addicted to because of my brother Dylan, I looked up at my screen as I continued to type. My mind steered away from my work going to Cassidy, her dark brown curls, her smile-

"Starr," I heard her call out and I looked up meeting her gaze as she walked towards me.

"We're ready, you coming?" She asked

"Ahh, yeah hold on," I said turning off laptop. I have never truly been one to hide my feelings but the fear of losing her was greater than having her for myself.

"I see you've already started," she said smiling looking at my glass of whiskey.

"Yeah," I said laughing slightly grabbing my jacket, she moved closer to my desk grabbing my glass finsihing my drink.

"Come on," she said holding out her hand and I took it letting her lead the way.

"You seem happy today," I pointed out and she laughed pulling me out the door towards the elevator.

"You should be too, I mean you just secured the deal of a lifetime," she said as we stepped in, I looked down at her 5'3 figure my 5'5 height making her tilt her head slightly.

"I am," I smiled sleepily and she leaned into me as the elevator descended.

"Is it because we're going to a club?" She asked knowing it wasn't my usual scene, I didn't really like noise.

"Partly but you promised me a good time," I replied and she smiled pulling away from me as the doors opened and we stepped out.

"And I you will have a good time," she said holding my hand as we said our goodbyes to the security guard Jeff. We walked down the street to the club that I had opened two weeks ago to find it packed.

I walked to the front of the line with Cassidy beside me, making small comments about how much of a good job I've been doing and how much she loved the club.

The bouncer immediately saw me and let us through and I nodded walking in, leading us to my private area upstairs on the balcony, which overlooked the party below.

It was already filled with some of my employees Cassidy pulled us to a seat and I sat down beside her pushing my black shoulder length hair away from my face as they all gave their congratulations leaving me to reply with small thank yous.

"You're going to have fun tonight," she said handing me a shot, I sighed downing it and she smiled taking the empty glass as I enjoyed the burning sensation. She turned engaging in conversation which I didn't really bother with, her hand still holding mine as she spoke.

She turned to look at me smiling the longing I've grown used to present as I returned her smile.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine why?" I asked

"You seem more uninterested than usual," she replied smiling and I laughed leaning back watching the party below us, I looked over as I saw one of my employees Josh, Jake something walking over to us.

"Do you want to dance?" He asked Cassidy and she shook her head saying no.

"I'm fine Justin," she replied, well atleast I was close I said mentally after hearing his name, I was really bad with names Cassidy would strongly agree.

"It would only be for a song," he pushed and I could feel her growing uneasy beside me.

"She said no," I told him and he looked over to me.

"I was jus-"

"Just go back to your seat," I said and he did so as I sat there now irritated.

"Thank you," she said and I nodded knowing that she hated saying no, I became the person to say it for here since the day we met three years ago.

"Come here," she said getting up pulling me to stand, I groaned following her as she lead me to my office in back where I saw cake, I smiled looking at the bad icing job as she closed the door.

"You know I don't have the greatest penmanship," she said amused moving beside me.

"No, this is beautiful," I lied and she slapped my arm.

"I know you're lying,"

"Did you make this?" I asked knowing she wasn't good at baking and she rolled her eyes.

"Yes, but trust me it's good, I've gotten better," she said and I laughed.

"I'm guessing this is suppose to say congratulations on the deal," I pointed out amused looking at the crappy writing. She laughed slightly cutting into it, she broke the a piece of the slice she had cut moving it towards me.

I opened my mouth taking it in, my lips brushing against her fingers softly her eyes sparkling with happiness as I chewed.

"Okay it's good," I said

"I don't believe you," she said trying a piece for herself.

"Are you sure you made this?" I asked amused and she rolled her eyes playfully. She handed me a glass of champagne taking one for her self.

"To you," she said and I smiled

"And your cake," I added and she laughed as our glasses touched, she quickly downed her glass urging me to do the same, I laughed finishing it.

"We have liquor and chips, I had a feeling you wouldn't enjoy yourself with everyone around," she said sitting on the desk facing me and I smiled. She moved her hands to my shoulders her eyes meeting mine.

"Thank you,"

"For what?" I asked and she smiled shyly.

"For always being there for me," she whispered as her hands moved around my neck pulling me into a hug, my hands securing themselves around her waist as I stood between her legs. Her sweet smell embracing me as I enjoyed the feeling of having her this close.

"I Love you," she whispered suddenly after moments of silence and it pained me because even though I wanted to hear those three words, I knew she didn't love me the same way I loved her. She pulled away slightly looking at me, her eyes almost telling me different.

I brushed it off as an illusion of the alcohol, her lips pouted slightly and my gaze followed he small action before returning to her eyes. Something clicked as tension began growing between us.

Fuck it

I began willing myself to go for it. I leaned forward wanting to see if she would back away, but she didn't her eyes staying with mine. She swayed into me slightly and I closed the distance us kissing her, all the things I felt for exploding the moment our lips touched. 
Cassidy's POV
My body reacted to hers, as she kissed me with enough passion for me to pass out. I moaned as her hands tightened on my waist pulling me closer to her body. I never would have thought that she would've felt the same, wait does she?

"Starr," I moaned out and she hummed in response as her hands slipped under my shirt running against my burning skin.

"Do you feel the same?" I asked into the kiss and she pulled away, my eyes opening to meet hers.

"Of course I feel the same, " she whispered breathless warming my heart. I smiled leaning in once more to kiss her but it was cut short as a knock sounded on the door, she pulled away looking at it before her gaze moved back to me.

"Go," I urged needing a second. 
Starr's POV
I walked over to the door pushing my hair back. I pulled it open to see Alec, standing there.

"What do you want?" I asked and he chuckled.

"I can't come see my bestfriend/business partner?" He asked amused looking into the room.

"Hey Cassi," he greeted and I heard her respond.

"I'm going to be downstairs and I want you to come down and have fun," he said before walking away, I closed the door moving over to her and she sent me a shy smile.

"So you've felt the same this entire time," I said more to myself and she nodded.

"Yeah, but I didn't want to tell you and you didn't feel the same, cause I don't want to ruin our friendship you-"

"I want to be with you," I confessed stepping in between her legs.

"I want to be with you too, but I've never been with a girl before?" She replied shyly and I smiled

"I'll teach you," I said biting her bottom lip, relief flowing through me.

"You can go down if you want," I added and her eyes went wide, I stood there confused before replaying my sentence.

"I mean downstairs you can go downstairs," I said laughing and she joined in resting her head against my shoulder.

"I'm fine," she replied wrapping her hands around my waist.
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