The Bet
The Bet
Author: Honesty577

I ain't only one comin' through
Don't act like it's not you
What I do on my downtime
What I do on my downtime
We connect, we wanna feel
That shit don't come at me no
But what you do in your downtime is
And what you do in your downtime is
That's everything I know
Girl that's everything I know
Yeah, yeah, that's everything I know
That's the only thing I know


Darrelle's POV  
"And you think I don't know that,"

"I'm just saying man, she should've gotten another night," Jason replied jogging beside me.

"Well you ain't got to worry about that you're married," I replied.

"Yes but our job is to live through you," he fired back I chuckled as we began to walk, grabbing my towel from the back pocket of my shorts wiping my face.

"I think you guys are forgetting that it's my dick, so I get the pleasure of deciding if I want to fuck Trina today and Stephanie tomorrow, "

"I know you're mother raised you better," Jason said as we walked to the truck.

"I agree with the man," Andre said siding with me.

"Of course you would you're both hoes," Jason pointed out I laughed stopping at the truck.

"The usual," I said handing the man the money, he nodded walking deeper into the truck.

"Don't your dick hurt," Jason joked making me laugh, I grabbed our drinks handing them out as we walked to our usual seats.

"I think you are incapable of having a serious relationship," he said once we sat down.

"And you're right,"

"You're something else man,"

"I just think that relationships are a waste of time,"

"How can you know if you've never been in one,"

"I have,"

"High school and University don't count,"

"Alright so maybe it's been a while," I laughed he chuckled.

"I bet you can't date a girl for more than a month,"

"I can but I don't see what I would gain out of being with the same girl for a month," I said chuckling.

"You can't,"

"Wanna bet on that?" I asked leaning back in the chair.

"Alright....if you and your dick can be in a relationship with one woman, no side hoes just fucking, talking, dating doing everything with one woman; I will set you up with the Preston deal,"

"You serious?" I asked knowing that deal was worth more than every deal I made for the last two years and would probably give me the big break I needed as an architect.

"Yeah I'm serious,"

"And what do you get out of this?" I asked curiously.

"I get to see my best friend happy an-"

"But your best friend is happy right now,"

"No he is okay he doesn't know what happiness is,"

"And being married is happiness,"

"Are we making the bet or not?" He asked.

"We are," I replied chuckling, I looked over to Andre who was shaking his head in disapproval.

"I raised you better,"

"You made him a hoe, " Jason said laughing. 
I knocked on the door checking my watch knowing we where already late for the club opening tonight, the door opened to reveal my little sister Tiana. She has been married to my best friend Jason for six years now, I'm still adjusting to the idea of them being together.

"Hey," I greeted leaning forward kissing her cheek.

"Is he ready?" I asked reffering to Jason.

"Yeah, he's supposed to be coming down," she replied looking behind her.

"Where are the kids?"

"At a sleepover, do you want to come in?"

"No need I'm here," I heard Jason say, Tiana turned around as he walked to the entrance.

"I'll be home by eleven," he said kissing her lips quickly he pulled away his eyes on her, she shot him a look and he smiled.

"Fine ten," he chuckled kissing her forehead.

"Tiana he needs his balls tonight," I told her, he pushed me softly leaning forward kissing her knowning that I hated the sight. I groaned walking away.

After a couple minutes we arrived at the club, I handed my keys to the valet as we walked inside. We immediately saw Andre and walked over to him.

"You two are always fucking late," Andre pointed out sipping his champagne.

"I'm shocked that your fiance let you out alone," I replied lauging knowning he had been on a leash the last couple of days. I grabbed two glasses off a moving tray, handing one to Jason.

"She knew that Jason would be here,"

"What about me?"

"No she thinks you're slut," he said making Jason laugh.

"How do you guys live without your balls?"

"Fuck off man," Andre laughed along with Jason.

"So how is the bet going?," Andre asked smiling.

"Haven't started,"

"Well since you haven't started I want to add something to it," Andre said.

"What?" I asked curiously.

"Twenty days no sex," he replied.

"I'm not doing that shit,"

"I like it," Jason said laughing

"Just because you guys aren't getting none doesn't mean I should suffer,"

"He's not getting none because he is on probation but I'm gett-," Jason started but I cut him off not wanting the image in my head.

"Remember you're with my sister man," I said he chuckled finishing his drink.

"And I think what he is saying is a good idea,"

"Man that-"

"You shouldn't have been talking all that shit,"

"Alright," I said thinking about the Preston deal.

"So who you gonna date for the month?" He asked.

"I don't know, "

"So why don't you date one of the girls you've already been with?" Andre asked.

"No if I'm waiting twenty days for sex it can't be the same girl," I said sipping my drink scanning the room.

"What about her?" Andre asked.

"Who?" I asked he motioned to a group of women specifically the one sitting down, I couldnt really see her because of the dim lights and the group of friends she had around her.


"Why not?" Jason asked I took another sip before saying.

"She is sitting with her friends,"

"And?" Andre asked.

"Her friends are drunk,"

"And?" Jason asked confused.

"She is the only one with a beer and look at how she continuously checks her phone every five second,"


"The beer isn't strong which means she is the designated driver her friends are drunk which means she has to leave soon, and the phone just shows that she would rather be anywhere but here, like she has much more important things to do. Which let's me know she probably won't give me the time of day because I'm not the most important thing in her life right now,"

"She is the one, she is the one you got to date" Jason said chuckling I watched as she got up leaving the crowd, I thought about for a split second before saying.

"Alright, I see you're trying to make this as hard as you can for me"

"You're going over there," Jason said I finished my drink before walking away.

"Darrelle," I heard a voice say I turned around to be greeted by Alicia.

"Hey what's up?" I asked glancing at where I was suppose to be going before turning back to her as she placed her hand on my chest.

"I'm good," She replied biting her lip.

"I'm kinda busy right now but I'll call you when I can," I told her she leaned forward kissing me softly before walking away I chuckled turning around I scanned the room for a couple seconds before spotting her,  she walked over to the bar and I quickly made my way there.

"Another round Paul and a water, room temperature," she said he smiled nodding before walking off. She was in a knee length black dress that complemented her dark skin beautifully almost as much as it did her curves.

"This isn't your scene is it?" I asked moving to stand beside her. She looked up scanning me before asking.

"Why do you say that?" She looked fimiliar but I couldn't quite put my finger on where I've seen her before.

You probably already slept with her

My conscience said and I pushed it off.

"You just ordered water from a bar,"

"How do even know it's for me?"

"Lucky guess" I replied and she laughed looking over to the bartender before turning back to me.

"So you were watching me?"

"Watching is such a bad way to word it, let's say supervising,"

"Young men's love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes," she said softly.

"Shakespeare," I said she looked back to her group of friends before turning to me looking slightly uninterested. It was quite odd hearing a woman at a bar quote Shakespeare in the middle of a conversation.

"She has been watching you," she said

"Who?" I asked confused looking over to her friends wondering if I slept with one of them as the bartender placed her order on the counter.

"The girl you stopped to talk to before you came over here," I looked behind me, my eyes immediately locking with Alicia's before turning back to her.

"You weren't the only one supervising," she said picking up the tray walking off I chuckled watching her, intrigued and slightly turned on. I smiled knowing this was going to be a challenge. I felt a hand on my back, I turned to see Jason with an amused look on his face.

"That's Nia Graham," he said and everything clicked into place.

"She is the one," he added as Andre began ordering for us.

"Of course you would say that," I said glancing over to her, knowing this was definitely not going to be easy.
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