Chapter 1: The Visit

Ella Lattone’s POV

That was a week ago when today, my stick in the mud boss will be flying to France to do some work there. He will be gone and I will be doing what I think was good for my health.

AKA slacking.

Okay, maybe not but I will be free to do anything I wanted. Hayes will not be in the way and I will not be seeing that redhead anywhere. But one thing for sure, I saw the mood of Hayes was brooding. I don’t know why but when I looked closely, I got the answer to it.

He was looking at Fauna and her husband, talking animatedly and he was harrumphing into his office. I whistled as I have understood what that was. Hayes wished that he has someone the way that Fauna was looking at her husband.

I snickered as I cannot think of anyone that will be looking at him like that. It was insane and right now, I will not be focusing on that matter. Why should I?

Because you like him once upon a time.

Pfft, yeah right. He was insufferable and I think I was not prepared to do his bidding. He can be difficult when he wanted to. And I for one will not be the end stick of his mud. I sighed as I was stretching before my cubicle as I was stretching. Then, it hit me.

Hayes was looking at me as we locked eye contact. He was staring as I was arching my eyebrow. Thanks to God when he was the first one to look away and he was going out of the department as well.

“What’s up with him?” Fauna asked. I shrugged as I don’t have the answer to her question as well.

“I don’t know. Maybe it was his time of the month,” I said before we both snickered as I took my seat again.

“So, what is that husband of yours is doing here?” I asked as I was wiggling my eyebrows at her. She laughed.

“It was our night out. He just wanted to remind me that I need to be home at 7 and we will be going out after that. Then the best part is—“

“Okay I have enough of your talk, I don’t need more misery in my life when you were happily married,”

“—that he will be taking me carriage ride,” she said happily as I was snorting at her. Fauna has this fixation on books’ romance.

“Great and I hope you will be content with that,” I said as I was picking up some of my works that need to be done in the conference room.

“Where are you going?” Fauna asked me.

“Unlike you, I have meetings and right now, I am late,”

I sat on my sofa as I was looking at the ceiling. What a week! But tomorrow, I will be doing my trip to NYC to look around the campus and maybe ask some of the graduates about the program. It sounded fun.

My suitcase has been packed.

I have my tickets.

I smiled as I went to make my way to the kitchen. I was hungry but I don’t know what to do. I’m not one of the women that know how to cook.

Damn it! I should have to learn when I got the chance.

I sighed before I was looking at the instant noodle. I guess it’s ramen for tonight. I went to prepare my ramen and after 3 minutes, I was sitting on the stool and I was reading some news on the phone.

“Huh, that’s weird,” I said as I was reading about an article of the active volcano activity in an old volcano. I wondered what happened at that time.

It stated that the volcanoes have been erupting rather unusual with their history of not being active for the last 100 years. I think there must be something else that triggered it. And I thought at that moment, what if there were to be a new ecology system that made the volcanoes to be active now?

“Eureka!” I shouted as I was standing and I looked at the university that I will be attending on the morrow. I looked up the faculty that will be doing some volcanology stuff as well as ecology.

Maybe it can be intertwined and I think I have the answer to my prayers. I smiled as I looked at the faculty of the Geology department of the NYU. It was nice and I think it will be my attention to know everyone and each of them.

Later on, I was having a quick shower and I was ready to get to my flight. It was not in the morning like 8 or 9 AM. It was after midnight. Yeah, imagine that. But it was the cheapest and the only budget that can fit into my tight allowance so I have no complaints.

I sighed as I got my backpack and all the things that I will be carrying before I went to my car and drove to the airport. It was a nice drive because there were not many vehicles on the road. I was listening to some pop to accompany me on my road as I went to the garage parking for 3 days and 2 nights.

I paid for the garage and I went to the airport counter to check on my flight. It was nice and all before I was trying to make sure that I will not be doing anything else. I was excited but also don’t want to be imposing on anything.

“Hi, how can I help you?” The attendant asked me as I showed her my ticket and she was checking in my baggage. Then she explained to me that I will be transit in San Francisco before I was looking at anything else.

I thanked her as I went to find my gate and I will be waiting for it. I don’t have any nervous breakdown but I think I have to be cautious. I looked around and there were not many people before the announcement for my flight was here.

We were boarding and I was sitting at the aisle rather than the window that I wanted. I shrugged as I know that we might not always get what we wanted. Now, it will be only one hour and 15 minutes to be in San Francisco. Then I have to find another gate for my transit. It will be a nice adventure for me.

I was looking out for the gate when I arrived in San Francisco. I was pointing at some signs and I followed the guide before I was sitting in the waiting area of the airport. It was nice before the calling for boarding. There will be business class, then the economy plus, and lastly, the people that can barely afford an airplane ticket.

I sighed before I was lining up for the boarding before an attendant was coming at me. I looked at him before he smiled at me.

“Ms. Lattone?”

“Yes, that would be me,” I said as I was eyeing him. He smiled before he urged me to the counter. I hoped nothing will prevent me from getting into the flight.

“You have been promoted to business class. May I have your ID please?” He asked before I gave him my driver’s license. I was wary since I don’t think I might just be promoted just like that. Tapping my fingers, I decided to ask him.

“Can I know who paid for my promotion?” I asked him before he looked at me and smiled.

“We cannot say who it was but I think he disclosed it as your relative, I believe,”

Uncle Edmond, of course. He knows everything that will be going on in my life since I was his only relative other than my aunt.

I sighed before I took my new ticket and boarded the plane. It was nice before I was getting nervous for another reason. Is this real? Am I actually will be sitting in the business class. And of course for my first experience in the business class, I have to be so clumsy.

I was walking down the aisle when I got entangled with something as I was slamming down to the floor. I was shocked to recover before I stood up and I was looking around. People were looking at me but I was smiling rather than embarrassed by my fall.

“Sorry, excuse me,” I was saying as I was making my way to the seat. I took my seat before I was putting on my seatbelt as my heart was beating so fast when the plane was going to the runaway.

I think it was the engine that was booming when I was gripping the seat. I sighed before I closed my eyes and just let the plane ran its course. At least by the time that I opened my eyes, I was in New York City.

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