The Windell's Warning || ✔️
The Windell's Warning || ✔️
Author: Nikki Larousse
Prologue: The Acceptance

2 years earlier

Daisy Dyer’s POV

What was this? Is this how dream felt when I was holding the letter from NYU that I will be going there for my Ph.D. program. I cannot believe that I will be going there. I should tell my aunt about this.

 “Aunt Milly! Look, I got in,” I said as I was running toward the barn as I was smiling. Aunt Milly has been taking care of me when I lost my parents when I was 5 years old. I don’t think that my relatives would step up when I was orphaned by my parents’ death but aunt Milly took me in as her own.

 Her husband has left her when he found out that she was barren and I was the only companion that she needed. Not everyone deserved Aunt Milly in their lives, especially her then-husband.

 “What are you talking about? I don’t know what you got in,” she replied as she was looking up from the cow as she was getting some fresh milk for our lunches as we will be doing some cooking for the cowboys.

 “I got in for my Ph.D. research. I don’t think that I would get it but I did,” I said as I was giving her the letter. I hope that she would understand what she was reading.

 “Dear Ms. Dyer, we’re from the Geology department of NYU would like to welcome you to our department as you will be the newest member of the Paleoclimate program. Your thesis took us by heart and it was an honor to hear you from the future. Hoping to see you in February,” Aunt Milly said as I was smiling at her. She smiled at me before she gave me the letter.

 “So, what do you think?” I asked her as she was resuming her task again. She was nodding at me before she was looking at me while her hands were busy doing the task.

 “If you think that you wanted to do this…”

 “Yes, with all my heart, Aunt. I have been waiting for this my whole life,” I said as I was staring at her. She arched her eyebrow at me before I was taking a deep breath. Aunt Milly sighed as she stood up and went to hug me. I was stunned but I was patting her back before I was looking into her brown eyes again.

 “Your father would love that. I think he told me to give the chance to pursue a higher degree of education if you can. So, I hope that you can do it, for yourself and your family’s reputation,” aunt Milly said as I was looking at her. She chuckled at me.

 “What is your father’s occupation?” She asked me as I was thinking for a moment. Then, I sighed as I was too young to know what was his occupation.

 “Where do you think you all going when he was called to give a speech?” Aunt Milly asked as she was arching her eyebrow. I was thinking but then I don’t know what to say to that. Aunt Milly patted my hand before she asked me to get the milk and going back to the house.

 “Come, I will show you everything that you need about your family’s history,” Aunt Milly said as I was looking at her like she was crazy. Then, she winked at me.

 “I promise, it will be worth it. And I am not crazy,” she said before I put the milk in the kitchen and followed her to the basement.

 “Why are we in the basement?”

 “Just shut up and follow me. Get the lights working, will you?” Aunt Milly said as I did what she asked me to do. I was looking around the room before I was stunned to see the books, stack of books in the basement.

 “What are all these?” I asked aunt Milly before she turned to look at me as she smiled.

 “This,” she showed her hands to the books and journals, “was your father’s legacy and I think you might want to continue it now that you will be going to his former University,” Aunt Milly said as was gawking at her. I was looking around the room before I scoffed.

 “You can’t be serious,”

 “But I am. Now, we don’t have time much as you will be going in February, and right now, it was at the end of December. Best get you ready for everything. Now, I want you to read this, and this and that. And then continue with this and this…” Aunt Milly said as she was giving me the books that she thinks I have to read.

 But it was my father’s works so I was the only relative that will keep his legacy alive and by then, I have vowed that I will keep it alive even I have to fight everyone on the way.

February, Registration at NYU

I was still shocked to know that my parents were loaded. I mean, I get it that he was a professor but I don’t know that he has a company that dealt with nature, and Aunt Milly was the one that held my position as the head of the consultant. She said that when I was ready to take over, then she will retire to the ranch.

 “Are you nervous?” Aunt Milly asked me as I was looking around the people that were talking animatedly with each other. I nodded at her.

 “Don’t worry. You will be fine and speaking of fine, that’s your father’s colleague, Prof. Lucia Belmonte, the advisor that I had shown your thesis and she knew your father,” Aunt Milly said before Prof. Belmonte was smiling at her and greeting her.

 “Milly Dyer, as I live and breathe. How are you, dear?” Lucia said to my aunt as if they have known their whole life.

 “Lucia, how are you? Let me introduce my niece, Daisy. Daisy, Professor Lucia Belmonte who teaches Paleoclimate here,” Aunt Milly said as Lucia was beaming at me.

 “Please, just call me Lucia. We will be having so much fun together,” Lucia said before she was hugging me. I was taken back but my aunt just mouthed to me.

 ‘Get used to it,’

I smiled before Lucia released me and she was looking around. I did not know what was happening before she was talking with my aunt. I was out of place before I saw someone that was charismatic enough and I know he was well-known. Then Lucia was whispering to me.

 “That’s Dylan Windell. He was one of the aerospace researchers that has been asking the question of the Big Bang and how they are created. He was also known as a lady’s man,” Lucia said before I was looking away. I heard her chuckled before we were out of the lounge as we will be going with our advisor.

 And just my luck, I was paired with Lucia and that man, Dylan Windell and I tell you, my first impression of him was not that great and I think I might have a problem with him in the future, which I was.

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