The Pact
The Pact
Author: Keren Michael
Chapter One

"Hi Mrs Viet. This is Selena with-- "

"Not interested" click

"Hi Mr Wantz, this is Selena with Panda tea product.  We make--"

"Fuck off bitch!" Click!!

"Hi Mr Sanford. This is Selena with Panda tea product. We make a green tea validated for your health that is guaranteed to help you maintain good health and ensures long lasting--"

"I told you guys to take my name off your list. You just woke me up. Shit!" Click.

"Well good day sir" I said as the man hung up on me. This was hell.  It was eight am in the morning and I've made hundreds of calls around the globe. I've ticked off women in Tacoma, irritated men in Vancouver and woken sleeping women with beautiful dreams in NY.

I stared round the boiler room at the amount of telemarketers screaming into their phones trying to sell the Panda product. At least Mr Sanford gave me a chance to introduce the product.

The door to the boiler room opened and Kay Gordy, the boiler room diva who also happen to be my friend, came in with a popcorn in hand. Her little son  Junior held a popsicle in one hand too.

"Back from your little lunch break, I see" I turned my chair to face her table that stood next to mine. 

"Lunch break ain't even enough. When's your shift ending for today?" Kay asked me with a drop of her popcorn.

"In a minute. I just ticked off the last victim of our terrible torture" I grinned making Kay nod with pride. Taking the night shift is not the easiest thing to do but at least the calls her less.

"Them Pandamites better get used to us" She whooped her hands in the air. Her little boy asked for water and she pointed him to the dispenser that stood a far distance away. He trotted away happily to get a drink like a lost camel in the Sahara.

"I better tell Corby I'm about leaving" I said standing up. I shoved most of the things I need and take home, into my work bag before giving Kay a kiss on her cheek.

"Dinner is on me tonight." Kay said. I hurried out of the boiler room after shutting my computer down. The next person on the morning shift can easily turn it on. I took the windy steps to my boss's office. The VP of Panda Health Tea. Over the years, we've grown friendly and he's taken a liking to me.

The sight of his wooden door came to view and I sighed in relief that he was even in. So I rapped twice on the door and it pushed opened. I stalked in with a confident walk.

"Miss Brookes" Corby Cox said. He pointed to the chair right in front of him so I sat down. I just came in to say I was off but if he wants me to seat, he has something to say. Corby is a nice boss in his late forties and a fish loving guy who has become my friend under the years I've worked with him, starting with when I was an intern.

"Hope I ain't disturbing you" I said moving my thick rimmed glasses above my nose.

"You know I always make time for you." He dropped his pen down and leaned against his leather chair. "You were headed home yet?"

"Yeah. I'm off for today but I don't get back until eight tonight"

"Wrong twice" Corby said  and I eyed him from above my glasses.

"I'm sending you to Florida on a business assignment" Corby prompted and I was all ears now.

"Florida? I've never done business assignments outside of Seattle. And by the way, I thought Michelle does all the assignments. My job is to ring people" I said to him even though he already knows that. Corby shook his head and then got to his feet while I just remained seated. I've had a long night.

"The company chose Michelle but I'm choosing you right now"

I stared at Corby and he wasn't backing down. I don't know what made him feel he could actually trust me enough to handle an assignment and to an important investor I'm sure.

"What assignment is it anyway" I crossed my arms.

Corby smirked and came to stand behind his desk. He tapped away with his fingers until he decided to talk.

"This is a very important assignment Selena. We've been in touch with many investors over the years and the company shares is growing large but this guy....he's the real deal" Corby slammed his hands together as if making a point.

"So why can't Michelle just do it" I shrugged.

"Again with Michelle?" Corby shut his eyes for some seconds, counting,  before snapping them opened again. "All that woman cares about is fashion and what dress to buy next. No doubt, if I send her to our newest investor, she'll just misbehave around"

So what makes him feel I won't care about fashion. I looked down at my brown, odd blazer suit and pants that is flay at the end. My shoe was flat cause I can't stand heels sometimes. And my red wig is a nightmare looking all messed up and in a loose bun. My rimmed glasses too was a fall. Indeed I had no fashion sense and I never desired one.

"You know what happened the last time Michelle went to Dubai to meet with an investor" Corby spoke out again and I took my eyes off my hideous suit.

"I know"

"Good. And we don't want that to happen again. Michelle was sent on an Important assignment but she ended up sleeping with the CEO. " Corby shook his head as if ridding off an evil spirit. "The company paid a lot of money to wipe off that scandal"

"Why is Michelle still working here then. A damage like that should've gone through extreme measures"

Corby hit his knuckles against his palm. "You damn know why, alright. Her uncle is the fucking President of Panda Health Tea"

I didn't know that fact up until now but now I know why she feels she can come into the boiler room and make nasty comments about how desperate and stupid we all look. Me personally, have had an argument with her and I'm sure she's ticked me on her blacklist.

I stared at Corby.  "I'll do it"

"That's my girl. I knew you'll be up for the challenge" Corby finally took his seat. "Now our newest investor is Fabric Zunino Valenquez. He's an Italian man with a lot of wealth and also one of the richest men right now in Miami. He has a nationwide production company"

"What's the name of his company?" I asked.

"RR enterprise. Stands for Ross Rowling. That's the name of his damn empire. Ross. The man produces many things. Cars, various equipments and even guns." Corby smirked at the last part. "Rumor had it that his dad was an Italian mobster but we don't know how true that is"

I moved around in my seat. "Why would he be interested in tea when he makes guns and weapons as such" I shrugged and Corby eyed me carefully as if scrutinising I wasn't fit for the task. But I am. I really am. I want to prove to Michelle that I am better than her. I want to prove to the world that I'm not just a silly telemarketer.

"The man puts his hands in all kinds of business that would profit him a very good deal. Just last year, he went into Estate management. The man is a fucking realtor. " Corby said with such enthusiasm.

"So he wants to invest in a healthy tea company"

"Exactly and that is why PHT is the best for him. We have to secure this opportunity now"

I nodded and arranged my bag on my shoulder.

"So when do I leave for Florida?"

"Tomorrow morning" Corby placed a paper in front of me. "In there are your flight details, your lodging details and the appointments and meetings  scheduled.  If there is any change of plans, I'll contact you but while you're there, I'm sure you can handle yourself well"

I snapped the paper right up and stuffed it in my bag before getting up.

"Thanks Corby"

"Don't mention now go and rest so you don't miss your flight tomorrow morning" He literally shooed me out of his office.  I walked down the stairs with with a new determination. Going to Florida could be a life changing experience for me but at the same time, I want to hope for a little peace.

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