The Retired Gang Leader.
The Retired Gang Leader.
Author: ScorpioFulu
Getting Out.


I walk out of the building that I've spent a full nine years over a mistake that shouldn't have happened, something that has haunted me day and night behind these walls. Every night seeing that body lying lifeless on that ground because they didn't do their fucking job properly.

I catch a cab going back to the house, this is the last time I'll ever be stepping into this place. It ruined me but I won't let it ruin my life as well, almost did but I get the choice to make something better of it. 

"Boss, you're back!" One of the members yelled in surprise not making eye contact, well it's what was required of them ever since I became the leader, forced to be. At the time I was really happy about it because well you know... I was young and stupid. And who wouldn’t want to be feared and just have money?

"Where's Wood?" I asked, getting straight to the point, I want to tell him what I have to say and get the hell out of this place. It's filled with a disgusting aura.

Topless women walking around everywhere, smoke filling the air. To think I actually enjoyed living in this place surprises me. Damn prison has changed me.

"He's in the office," I nod my head and walk away ignoring all the women throwing themselves at me. I head to my room upstairs and find it untouched, just how I left it.

I close my door and sit on the bed. Would I say I had some good memories here? No. But fun times, yes. However, all that doesn't matter because none of it was worth it.

No more time for reminiscing, I move the bed away from the wall blocking the door. I entered through the secret hole I had created before I went down. I had to stash away a few things, in case I ever decided to do this. Leave and never turn back.

Finding the bags I had stashed I grab them and dust them off trying so hard not to cough but end up sneezing. I get out, closing it and all evidence of it, pushing the bed back to its original place.

I get out of the bedroom and walked downstairs into the basement heading to the office. I open it without knocking and find Wood in there with his cock down some woman's throat. 

"Wood," I said, ignoring the girl's sudden act of embarrassment. 

"Keep sucking!" He growled at her and pulled her behind the desk, typical Wood behaviour. So disrespectful, I used to have the same mindset, I’m so disgusted by my past self. "What can I do for you?"

"I'm gone," I told him holding the doorknob about to leave.

"Meaning?" He asked hissing, nine years made him grow a pair...cute, but they still need to grow bigger if he would like to go against me.

"I'm out, forever. It's yours," I shrugged my shoulders wanting to get out of this disgusting place asap!

"Bro! Don't tell me you are leaving because of what happened that ni-" I stopped his ranting with a raise of my hand, "What's that you got in the bags?" He asked, groaning at the end. Young me was a total idiot as I think of it. How in the world was I able to tolerate such behaviour back then?

"My stuff. Now we don't have any contact or shit like that. I don't see you and you don't see me as well. Clear?" I asked sternly and he nodded. "Cool."

"Stacey got married," he spoke out as I headed to the door, he took my silence as an answer to carry on. "After you went down, she found herself a nice hunny and settled down. She's got two kids now. I could give you her address if you want to go see her."

"She's better off that way," I closed the door and took the keys to my baby. She, I get to keep. I walk out to the garage and find her in all her glory and still looking fresh. At least they've managed to keep something clean.

I get in and inhale sharply, loving her smell. I put the key in the ignition and she roars with life. I sit for a moment before driving out of the garage. Just listening to her. The only thing I could say I have a love for is her.

I drive out of the garage and the mansion, I look at it through the rear mirror after I've reached a certain distance.

"Heading to a new life baby, with peace this time," I whispered to myself but I was talking to the car, or at least I hope it will be a peaceful life and none of these dumb asses will bother me.

Right now all I could think was how grateful I was for that prison guard who pushed me to get my degree in business and law. I mean I wasn't a dumb person, after all, I just didn't want to work for something, I wanted to hurt people for it. It was the easy way out, do you blame me?

See kids, this is why you should choose your friends wisely...only if you could choose your family as well. Fuck all that bullshit of 'You can choose your friends, not family', and 'Blood is thicker than water', yeah right!

Since I've got this degree and my money, I'm going to start a business for myself and move to a different city. Where I'm not known for being the 'dangerous gang leader' who kills children for fun, which is not true! I want to be known as Mr Rossi, the businessman. A new man, there's always redemption, right?

Away from the crime I was born into and left to by my parents when they died leaving me with a horrible man at a young age. He's dead now, no point in wallowing in the past.

Cheers to my future. With no distractions this time. I carry on driving with no stop, I don't know where I'm going but I know where I've been, and that's no place to be.

I'm getting out.

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Marleny Scarda
out of jail for sure!! he has a lot in front of him. hopefully he Will move to the right place.
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Laurie Barrick
That is so cool I'll check it or thanks and I love the story so far
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Thank you so much

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