Author: notepad779

chapter 1

Spring was somewhat cool in New York, but my head wasn’t. I Siobhan Brooklyn, was the last daughter and child of Marco Brooklyn a world-renowned businessman who ran the biggest and widest exporting company in New York. He was fifty-five years old and he was almost about to hand his company over to his first son, my dick brother, the worst human in the world SEBASTIAN.

“Ugh,” I closed the book in frustration and anger, I was thinking about my brother taking over the company, in addition, I had been reading this book for over two hours and nothing productive had come out of it. You see, I enjoyed reading more than anything in the world, anything that had a cover back and front and had words printed in the middle, I absolutely loved, but for some reason, the book I was reading didn't cut it.

“Don’t tell me you have finished that book already” the bodyguard that sat beside me took a bite out of his apple and looked at me in surprise.

"I told you to get me books, of a specific genre, three specific genres, in particular, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, and FANTASY but instead you brought me this, puppy cock some best friend you are," I said slightly annoyed looking at my bodyguard slash best friend of two years. He was the same age as my brother but he was sure as hell better at fighting than he was, if Brian was my brother, life would be easy.

"Look at you so quick to lash out at me, your mother said to give it to you and that's what I did," he bit into the apple again, all in my mind I wanted to smack the fruit from his hand

“I was wondering about the title," I said and stared at the book again

“Princess versus etiquette you are not even trying to read this book Siobhan I’m sure if you are determined you will read this book just like the other three hundred books I have seen you with”

“I thought the book will be about princesses battling the forces of etiquette living normal lives as normal women and not having to go to tea parties and crap”


“Seriously mum, I am twenty- two, anyways tell my best friend I want him back” I enquired scanning Brian from the top of his fresh buzz cut hair to his black boots. He laughed and took the book from her then opened it. He looked delicious while he laughed, but the crush I had on him last year died when I mistakenly walked in on him having sex with someone else

“I’m sure you don’t just want to read the book because you want to piss off your mother like always”

“That is correct Brian”

“To be the best princess you can be chapter one. There is a thin line between freedom and rebellion if you just tilt over to the side a little the poise and grace that has been cultivating in you disappears and in almost a quick second you change from being a beautiful young lady to a disgusting wrinkled dragon” he laughed “that is you a wrinkled dragon”

“This isn’t funny” I stood up and Brian joined me on his feet

“Where are you going you are not done with the book yet?”

“Yes I am, you wouldn’t tell my mother on me would you”

“No” Brian let out a defeated sigh

“Thanks, Love you” I pecked his cheek softly and walked unto the granite then around the pool then into the house.

“Hey,” Sidney said as soon as I passed the living room, to say I was frightened would be an understatement, she scared the shit out of me “Sidney, I am not in the mood I want to take a refreshing shower”

“I just want to have a little girl chat before dinner” chat, our chat only involved two things, Sex, and crude language

“About what, sex again,  you have a best friend for this reason” I blurted out

Sidney stood up and straightened out her designer shorts “about you; you are my baby sister and I would love to know what it feels like to be a virgin at twenty-two” of course, it was three things are conversation involved. SEX, CRUDE LANGUAGE, AND MY ABSENT VIRGINITY.

“We both know I am no longer a virgin," I said

"Siobhan, forget about that man he is your past, you are still a virgin no matter what"

"I was raped"

"So what, I know, you are a talented interior designer, that lives in her parents' house ” I rolled my eyes, Sidney held my hand and looked at me squarely " any man would be lucky to have someone like you, you are beautiful and strong yet you choose to remember, I am sure those guys that like you have a good intention if you would let your wall down I am only trying to be a good sister not telling you to ignore the bad qualities, but telling you to take note of them and compare them to the good qualities" she stroked my cheek, maybe she was right, I had to bite the bullet.

“Firstly, we don't need to talk about sex before you assure yourself that you are a great big sister, you are a great big sister and secondly A nun, seriously, I assure you I am not a nun and I definitely do not want sex education from you” I pulled my hand away from hers.

“You aren’t a nun, Siobhan?” She eyed my choice of clothes. I was wearing a baggy sweater that reached my mid-thigh and some leggings underneath, my hair was up in a messy bun and I chose only a chapstick for my Saturday makeup.

“Comfort clothes," I placed my hand above my head in a square formation and dragged my two thumbs apart as if I was imagining the headline of a newspaper.

“What about that guy Brian has the hots for you” Sidney winked at me,

Siobhan burst out in hysterical laughter “Brian no, Brian is just a really close friend I assure you he does not like me like that” and he was having sex with someone else which crushed my soul.

“I could have sworn I saw him jerking off to your picture"

“Gross, Brian doesn’t like me like that we are just really good friends, and if you saw him jerking off to my picture then Vincent isn’t banging you hard enough”

“Our sex is amazing, thanks for bringing it up"

"You are not going to lecture me about different sex positions again are you?"

"What! NO, Not today anyway, I wanted to tell you about a possible nephew or niece"

"Shut up you are pregnant?" I screamed and jumped on her

"Shhh, you have a loudmouth"

“That’s amazing, I thought you said you never wanted to have kids”

“That was when I saw mum push you out, but I realize not every baby has a big head like yours”

“I do not have a big head, but me being an aunty, oh God I would spoil him or her rotten to the bone" I had that much money to spare.

“Stop getting your hopes up, I said a possible baby"

"When last did you go to the gynecologist?”

“Last month ”

“Last month? then go again.I need you to be sure, Oh God I am so excited" she giggled

"Oh my God shut up"

My hand flew to my mouth, "I have shut my mouth, zip nothing again"

"I want you not to say anything to anyone okay"

“Whatever I’m going upstairs to get a shower before dinner” Siobhan turned to leave

“I’m not done yet”

“What else can possibly come out from your mouth again, you talk too much”

“I think dad wants you to work at the office”

“WHAT!, never ever he knows I love my job, I love interior designing and no one can take that away from me" even the horrid people we call our parents, I tried going again,

“What now” Sidney scurried and got something from behind the couch

“What is that?”

“A dress we are going to the club” Sidney brought out the gown then she brought out a matching pair of red underwear which made me blush with embarrassment

“And what is that for”

“Your first pair of victoria secret underwears of course”

“You raid my underwear drawer?”

“Only when I have nothing interesting to do trust me the things you have to make me laugh,” Sidney said "and I bought you this" she got out a dildo and I pushed it back in

"SIDNEY, are you out of your mind" she laughed

“Relax, I was kidding, it's for me and vincent" I grimaced

“Uh... I don't think I want to talk anymore"

“Get ready after dinner though we are going to the club”

“I don’t drink”

“Pshhh you are going there to find someone to give you a good fuck”

“I don’t need to have sex, I can always wait for marriage”

“So you are turning me down after that huge speech”

“UM, duh"

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