chapter 2

I slipped into my bathtub, man it felt like heaven. I needed this I was tense and this just gave me the type of inner body soothing I needed, I had to confront my parents they needed to stop controlling my life I was my own woman now and they needed to respect that. I paid rent in their home for a reason, though they didn't want that, they forced me to do it. After running my finger over the scar on my shoulder I started washing my body.

The thought of Brian liking me slipped into my thought, our friendship was past the point of any relationship. but I didn't like him anymore or did I, I groaned nope that was a recipe for disaster.

I stepped out of the tub and wrapped my towel around my body then walked to my vanity table, I would not say I was the most beautiful woman in the world but I couldn't say my personality was bland either, I took my mother's pale skin, curvy stature and bright green eyes then I adapted my father dark hair, although I had to work to bring out the curves that were originally there, it was worth it.

 I sighed after I finished murmuring a normal church hymn verse, I loved my voice and it was something I wouldn't love to part with. I started putting some mascara on my eyelashes and cherry blossom lipstick on my lips that was it, I was not one to pack makeup on my face as it made me hot and I couldn't sport it for more than five minutes I would mistakenly, or purposely rub it off

“Miss Brooklyn” one of the workers knocked on the door “it’s time for dinner your father sent me to come to get you”

“Okay, I will be right down” I shouted back and jumped out of her vanity chair, throwing the towel off my body.

I dressed up in some jeans and a sweater then slid my feet into a pair of flats that I could easily kick off after dinner, I planned on binge-watching movies on Netflix. I jogged down the stairs and when I got to the dining room I sat without greeting my parents, something I was used to and I feel like they would have been used to as well, they know what they did and they weren't remorseful

“Young lady are you suddenly too old to greet your parents”

“Forgive me,” I said, I was not the slightest bit sorry, they were horrible parents and they knew it

“Never mind her you know the way she is,” Sebastian said and I scowled at him, he was in on it as well he was old enough to understand, I thought he would defend me but he preferred my father's good graces over the trust of his baby sister, only Sidney knew what it was like, she understood she stood up for me and she was cast aside.

“Say hello to your brother’s newest girlfriend” or hand bag

“Hey,” the girl said timidly and waved to me, oh I know what you are like to people of lower class don't try fooling me with your innocent girl facade, no one on this table is innocent I tried to be but I was not, not anymore

“Why do I have to meet her she won’t last”Sebastian scowled my parents smacked their forehead, they knew it was the truth but they just wanted me to pretend like Sebastian actually didn't just want to fuck and dump her.

“That’s enough insolence from you young lady watch your tongue or else,” my father said

“Or else what you’ll ground me let another drunk person sneak into my room and let him have his way with me again" that was not how it happened but then again, they didn't report the guy they let him go free and he is roaming happily with possible children forgetting the girl whom he ruined the life of. They said too much media, we would be in the headline for years, the thirteen-year-old who was raped, the one that got a baby, the one that killed the baby the one that has nightmares

My father was short of words at first "I will redraw your internship"

“Go ahead, maybe you would feel justified, Marco you owe me, the only reason you keep me here is that you want to keep my mouth shut, you don't want him to find me, because you know he will and you give me a bodyguard because you feel that also protects me from my nightmares" the girl Sebastian brought home was shocked, she was learning family secrets one by one.

"Siobhan relax" my big sister rubbed my back, I took her word and relaxed in my chair

“Dinner is served” the head cook announced as various other workers in the house set down the dishes of food.

“Thank god” I took a spoon then scooped some pasta unto my plate.

"Sidney, please say the grace"

“Oh Jesus fine. Father, we thank you for the food you have put on our table dear lord thank you for this great family and the success you have brought to us father lord guide this food down the right path in Jesus name”

“Amen” everyone on the table dug into the delicious dinner in silence until I broke it

“Dad what am I hearing about you wanting to make me work at the company”

“Oh that was an idea I had a long time ago but since you know what you want to do and you are already so good at it I brushed it aside”

“Seriously Marco, this was something we discussed yesterday and she already made you feel too guilty to say it,"

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to talk while eating mom” I pitched in sadistically

“Excuse me, Siobhan, you do not talk to your mother like that” my father intervened

"Oh no, I don't have parents here the closest to a mother I have, is my sister, KAPISH"

“Siobhan I don't know what you want us to do"

"Exactly you had a chance you blew it, I sometimes wonder why you are mentioned as the best businessman, you do not use opportunities wisely"

"Siobhan, that was years ago"

"But there are scars on my neck and stomach to make me remember" I got up and walked away.

"SIOBHAN?" my mother said, not the real one. MY BIG SISTER.

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