chapter 3

After a while of trying to forget my horrible past, someone knocked on my door, it was Brian, I knew it was Brian I trusted him to let him into my bedroom at night, but then I trusted James too he destroyed me. I walked to the door and peeked out.

"Are you drunk"

"Hey to you too"

"I am serious"

"No, even if I was I wouldn't tell you" he had a cocky smile and he looked pretty sober so I opened my door for him.

“Hey” he sat on my bed and looked around the brightly lit room, he knew why. He stopped asking months ago.

“You spoilt my mood, I was trying to brood the whole night"

"You couldn't sleep"

"NOPE" I replied popping the P, I never sleep sleeping is just inviting the darkness and I hated darkness.

"I bring you the gift of skittles and chocolates Siobhan, he pulled them out of his pocket and threw them on my bed, I was not allowed sweets bad for my teeth bad for my shape, to sweet but I had my supplier.

“Only one skittle"

“I haven’t gone shopping okay play along"

"Welcome to my home Brian what can I get you?

“What do you have to offer?”

"Netflix and chill" he laughed

“I’ll have that thank you and feel free to let me have some chocolates too

Never, you monkey"

“I thought as much, I came here to ask if you were okay”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I heard you talking about it again" he looked at me

“Well it’s my parents being my parents, my mum being a bitch and my father being her bitch my brother being the most annoying man whore in the world"

“You poor thing”

“Now I feel like a doll; why are you calling me a thing?”

“Because you are not human”

“Really” Siobhan stuck her hand out and rolled her eyes to the back of her head “I want to eat your brain, Brian”

He stood up “that’s messed up”

“Give me a piece Brian” she yelled even louder and chased him around the room

“Gosh stop you are creepy,” he said making her laugh out loud “I better go before your mom catches me getting all touchy-feely with you”

“Wait, do you like me?"

"As a friend or...."


"Yes, good night" he pecked my cheek and walked out of my room and I smiled


My alarm clock went off and I rolled over and tapped the dismiss button on my phone, someone knocked on my door in the middle of my stretching and sit-ups

“Come in”

“It is locked Siobhan,” Sebastian said back

“What do you want,” I said as I opened the door, my brother pushed past me and sat on my bed.

“To talk to you" that was fresh

“What is with you wanting to talk to me all of a sudden, we don’t like each other” I entered the bathroom then slid some toothpaste unto my brush and shoved it into my mouth

“We are siblings”

“No," I shook my head "you are my roommate and I was unlucky to run into you this morning, Sebastian, I just tolerate you, you are a liability you are not my brother"

“I am going to ignore that”

“Why are you here”

“I need you to break up with Olivia for me”

“Why not Sidney”

“She went home... please” he seethed through his teeth like it was the hardest thing to do, oh hell no.

“Why she is a nice girl”

“She is a Lune and a half” he rubbed his forehead.

“Let me guess, you had sex with her and she wants you two to take it to the next level as in girlfriend and boyfriend"

“No she is already talking about marriage we have only been dating for three weeks”

“I see, and that makes her a lunatic, tell her you are not ready"

“Of course why didn't I think of that"

"Cos you are dumb, you have no foresight and as I mentioned you are a liability," I said counting my fingers

“Siobhan stop calling me a liability, I am not a liability, just help me tell her"

"Grow some balls and tell her by yourself, I am not going to break up with someone for you, I am having trouble detaching myself from you"

“You got toothpaste on my shirt”

“Sorry” I apologized and rinsed my mouth with water from the sink.

“I hate you” Sebastian eyed me and walked out of my room picking out the toothpaste stain

“Feeling is mutual” I shouted after him then walked to my closet then picked out a pair of blue jeans and a sweater. I was finally done taking a shower so I pulled my clothes on and put on socks unto my feet and a pair of combat boots.

“Siobhan Farren Brooklyn, what do you think you are wearing?” My mother asked me as soon as I got to the table, this never gets old

“I don’t know mom isn’t clothing what you old people called it back in the day” I replied and sat down.

“Hey why don't you change into something that would be more beautiful, something that makes people see that you are a billionaire's daughter, something like a beautiful gown, you are going to work anyway"

“If you don’t like it, I suggest you hit your head on the wall and blackout”

She gasped “honey; are you hearing the way your child is saying to me”

“When she is looking for the trouble she is your child Natalie you pushed her into the world”

“I wish she was adopted so we can give her back″

I laughed and took an apple “I wish I was adopted too”

“Miss Brooklyn your car is ready” Brian came into the dining room

“But I just sat down, I haven’t had breakfast yet”

“You will be late if we don’t leave in the next five minutes” I got out of my seat “You can wish me dead but I will always still be your daughter and you will forever be haunted by my spirit"

“What was that about Siobhan?” Brian asked as soon as we got to the car

“Mum was just ranting about how she regrets the day she gave birth to me” I shrugged and entered the car.

“Siobhan you should start giving her some respect she deserves it”

“I should give her the respect she deserves, my mother does not deserve respect do you understand me, no respect from me, If I had my way, she would be the last person to know if I died"

Brian put the car in gear “Siobhan, you are blowing things out of proportion” he drove out of the gates

“I am blowing things out of proportion? I am blowing things under proportion or whatever the opposite of that is, she was supposed to support me but she didn't I don't have a mother in her so let's drop it, besides did you see what she got Sidney and Vincent for their anniversary”

“Siobhan they are married”

“She bought me a dress for my birthday she doesn’t know me I don't like dresses she gives me princess and etiquette books that she read when she was younger”

“Because she wants you to be like her and succeed”

“I don't want to be anything like my mother"

“Come on, at least there is a little love for her in your heart".

“Just shut up”

“Who are you to tell me to shut up?” Brian asked and laughed

“I’m your boss’s daughter now shut up and, drive,” I said with a smile in my voice

“I’m sorry mam I’ll keep my eyes on the road, as your best friend though quick stop for ice cream”

“I’m late for school”

“That never bothered you” Brian pulled up in a curb by the ice cream parlor then ran into it after a few minutes he came out with two cones in his hand then he opened the door.

“You are a bad influence on me Brian” I took a cone from him then he started the car again

“More like you are a bad influence on me Miss Brooklyn” Brian pulled up at my workplace, the place where my internship was going on, I grabbed my bag and got out of the car

“Thank you; pick me up at two,” I said through the window

“Sure thing” Brian drove away and I entered the company

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