chapter 7

A little bit after dark someone came to knock at my door, I was not in the mood to talk to anybody but I just had to stand and check who was at the door, Brian was there.

"Come in" he did as I said

“Hey” Brian whispered and sat on my bed “I bought you cupcakes to cheer you up even though I’m not sure why you are upset”

I looked at him, he had a sympathetic look on his face, I was sure that my face was as red as a beetroot right now and the makeup I was too lazy to rub off was drooping down my face I with no doubt looked insane.

Brian pulled me into his chest, I just inhaled his scent and relaxed in his embrace, he was rubbing my back slowly and whispering sweet nothings into my ear, I clung to his sweatshirt.

“Shh,” he said and rubbed my hair “Shh it is okay I'm here tell me everything”

“Brian I am getting married"

“I don't understand, you are getting married as in for real or..."

I pulled out of his grasp and sniffed repeatedly it just couldn’t stop and it made it difficult for me to get my words out “don't you get it they want me to get married to that horrible man”

“What horrible man?"

“Tyler,” I said, he stiffened

"This doesn't make any sense," he said

"I know right, I have to run away I cannot stay here"

“You may be right"

“How will I do that I have nowhere to go and even if I do get away they will find me and I will never getaway”

“Come and stay at my place pack a few stuff and leave your gadgets and come to my place,” he said

“My father will fire you”

“They won't find out, besides I can always turn to photography if he does”

"You haven't really been investing in that as much as you should"

"Then I will start, but I know they won't find out"

“But what of the fact that they think I'm lost and you can't do anything about it; you are my bodyguard to them, not my best friend. My father will have your head on a stick and he might take you to jail”

“That's right, what are we going to do?”

“This my problem not yours,” I said, I appreciated his effort but this was my burden, not Brian's

“No, we will figure this out together,” he said, that warmed my heart when he said that, finally an idea popped in my head

“Get me pregnant” I looked at him, I hadn't had sex since I was thirteen, I didn't even have sex, I was raped but either way I wasn't a virgin. And plus I know what being pregnant felt like, even though I was only pregnant for two months.

“What no; I am not going to get you pregnant,” he said

“Please Brian this is the only way”

“Absolutely not we will find another way out of this I promise but I am not going to get you pregnant”

I got up “then I will find someone who will” he pulled me back to sit down

“Siobhan I am not going to allow you to spoil your innocence to get out of marriage it is my job to protect your body that means as long as you remain in this household you are going to stay a virgin do you hear me”

“Brian please, I am not innocent anymore”

“NO, I don't want to be like him, if I do it I would be taking advantage of you,” he said, I know why he felt like that but I was okay with it

“You are not the boss of me” I folded my arms

“I will like to see you try and walk out on me” he stood up and towered over me, I took my opportunity and grabbed his face pulling him down to kiss me, but he saw it coming and directed my lips to his cheek.

“Nice try” he removed my hands from his face and went to lock the door with the key “I am sorry Siobhan but we are going to sit here and brainstorm on how to get you out of this marriage”

“I can just lie that I am pregnant”

“Nothing about you being pregnant please you can live with your sister she will be able to get you out of the country” I raised my brow at him “you are right; me you know what forget about me I’ll be fine just come stay at my place I will take you there tonight at midnight”

“You will get into trouble” 

"I said I will handle it" he held my cheek and pressed a kiss on my forehead “Be quick though I’ll go so your mother won’t suspect anything” 


I walked out of Siobhan's room, angrier than I should have been, I mean what kind of parents did she have they were forcing her to get married, I suddenly bumped into someone, when I looked, I saw it was Siobhan's meathead brother, the only reason I didn't voice out my feelings towards him was that Siobhan begged me not to, she said something about her needing me in her life, permanently.

“What were you doing in my sister’s room” Sebastian raised his brow at me, it took everything I had not to smack his eyebrows off his face.


“He asked me if I wanted to go to the club to ease my stress isn’t that right Brian” Siobhan came out of her room and intervened for me

“I'm not sure” I looked at Siobhan "yup that's right

“Get out of my sight” Sebastian hissed

“Okay” I speed walked away from Sebastian and I mimicked him. 


I laughed at the way Brian mimicked my older brother and then finally looked at him.

"Siobhan I want to talk to you"

“I'm not in the mood” I rolled my eyes

"But you were in the mood for him"

"You are not him, you are Sebastian he is Brian and as far as I am concerned you are nothing more than a used condom, Sebastian grimaced.

“I came to talk to you big brother to baby sister not Enemy to sister"

"But you are not..."


"Fine come in, be my guest but I am not giving you any skittles"

"I didn't ask"

"Start talking before I change my mind" I closed the door and he sat on my bed

"I want you to know that this means the world to dad and it's not because he wants you out of his life or anything"

"Did he tell you to say this"

"No, it's from my perspective"

"Of course it is if you asked dad he would tell you that its because he wants me gone, well I don't blame him, wait I do blame him, if he had done what at least seventy percent of fathers would have done we will not be in this position today"

“Then let us be deceived you are marrying Tyler whether you like it or not,” he said, he could kiss my ass, I knew his big brother facade could not hold up anymore

“What if it were your sister in this position huh”

“Siobhan you are my sister”

“Seb get out"

"You haven't called me Seb in a long time"

"That's the last you are hearing it"

"You will never get used to calling me, Sebastian"

"I already did, Sebastian, get out" he got up from my bed and walked out.


“Are you ready?” Brian asked Siobhan

“Yes” Siobhan took her duffel bag put her hood over her hair and followed him out of the house when they got to the gate Brian punched in the security code and it automatically opened

“I called an uber already okay so we just have to walk down a little” he whispered

“Why are you whispering?”

“We are still in your house premises just follow me” she followed him down to the end of the street and the uber picked them up and took them to an apartment building.

“This is my house” Brian opened the door and she looked around it was a little bit clustered but it was neat.

“You know when you said you were taking me to your place I imagined a messy junkyard but this place is really neat for a guy of your caliber”

“A guy of my... okay rule one, do not hurt my feelings. My roof my rules” he closed the door behind her

“I'm sorry, this is a cool picture, your sister actually looks sane" he laughed and looked at the picture of his sister doing an arabesque.


"It's awesome, you are really talented how is she doing in La"

"Cool actually she is dancing more now and barely has time to call me" he chuckled

"Oh okay, I think it is cool that you funded her dance school considering the parent issues and all"

"Thank you"

"So where do I sleep?"

“You’ll sleep in my bed for now and I will sleep on the couch I still need to arrange the guest room”

“Cool” she dropped her bag on the couch and unzipped her hoodie

“Are you hungry?”

“No, I’m tired I’ll go to your room now”

“Follow me” he removed his hoodie and tossed it on the couch then he went to his room.

“This is my room let me change the sheets”

“It’s okay tomorrow” she yawned and dropped on the bed “good night”

“Good night” she whispered and he kissed her cheek and walked out of the room turning off the light on his way out.

“Leave the lights on”

“Oh I forgot, sorry” he turned it back on

Siobhan quickly fell into a dreamless sleep

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