Chapter 578 - A Secret...!!!

"Do you have proof that you know this? Think what you want to think." Oscar let out a sinister smile.

"Who said I can't?" Derek returned the smile, making Oscar's smile freeze on his lips. He was sure he didn't leave any clue behind; even though they already knew about him, they couldn't prove anything.

But his overconfidence broke down a little when he saw the smile on Derek's face; he couldn't figure out what Derek was trying to do?

But he was sure about something; Derek Wolf would do something that would cost something he didn't want to lose.

Oscar stayed still because he didn't want to give in, even though he was not ready for what would happen to him.

"I hope Mr. Astor likes our gift; this is first, but not last." Derek shrugged his shoulders and smiled wickedly while looking at Aiden.

Aiden walked to the stage, went to the DJ, and gave him a pen drive, but Rebel was fast. So he wanted to grab the pen drive from the DJ.

But Aiden stood between them and pushed Rebel away.
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Tarsha .Williams
please finish the book ... or gives updates... something,.I hope your ok tho
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Tonya Vidic
it has been a long while can we please have updates ?
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Miranda Hill
please just finish this book so I can move on

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