Chapter 585 - Take him away...!!!

Seeing the little angel crying so wistfully hurts everyone's heart. David tried to calm his son, but the little boy was struggling in his arms. Kate walked to them and carried the boy.

The boy hugged his mother's neck and sobbed until he felt tired; after a few minutes, Daniel fell asleep; David instructed Kate to hand Daniel to him.

David carried the little boy in his arms, Daniel even flinched in his sleep, but he might recognize his father's secret, so he slept peacefully.

David walked back to the baby cot and put him in it, Nate looked at David's careful action, and he felt proud that his daughter married a man like David; that man never disappointed him but angered him sometimes.

But he forgave him because Kate was David's wife and his daughter loved his son-in-law more than sometimes felt jealous.

If not his daughter were madly in love, he would have taken his daughter and his grandchildren away because he was not ready to marry his daughter away so soon.

But fate was an ex

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Bakhtawar Fatima
I am enjoying your novel hope 6ou you are safe wish you a speedy recovery
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thank you author tsi. keep safe. hope you are feeling better now...

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