Chapter 7 * Prepared for her *

“What do you mean by an unknown husband? This name feels weird.” Kate pouted her face even though she didn't see her husband. But he is still her husband.

“You know your husband's name, so why are you still calling him Mr Xiver.”

Suddenly Kate looked everywhere but didn't look at Amy, but Amy still caught her awkwardness.

“Woah, you also don't know his full name, lady you're so open-minded, your speed is too fast, even bullets can't catch up with your rates, someday don't tell me you are from the 18th century.

Kate doesn't know what to say to Amy. Kate felt stupid and brainless.

“Amy, it's already so late. Get your beauty sleep. I'm also feeling sleepy, so I'm going to sleep,” Kate says this to Amy and gets in her bed immediately and lied down” good night Amy.”

Kate covered her head with her blanket and pretended; she fell asleep.

she left Amy speechless at her foolish act,” this girl.”

“God, this girl is naïve, but her heart is soft like a child, so I hope you will protect her from this evil world." Amy prays for Kate inside her heart.

Inside the blanket, Kate was biting her lower lip. She forgot to ask her husband's name because she felt so much tension that this thought slipped from her mind.

But never mind, she can ask him tomorrow. She closed herself and fell asleep.

The next day Alex comes to pick up Kate. As she bade goodbye to Amy, Alex started the car and drove off.

Today the road was obvious, so the car speed was fast, just like her life.

After 30 min, their car stopped in front of the building, “Madam, we're here.”

Alex turned around as he spoke. He got out of the car and opened the car door for Kate.

She got out of the car.

Kate looked in front of her, standing in front of a very luxurious and tall building.

After coming inside the building, she saw at least 20 well-built men standing there in front of the building's main door.

“What's going on, who are they?” she asked Alex,

“Madam, they are the security team for this building.”

She nods her head in understanding.

After the introduction, Alex led her to a private elevator. Alex pressed the button top floor.


After a few seconds, the elevator door opened on the top floor of an apartment.

Four maids were standing right there at the door in a line.

They politely bowed and greeted her when they saw her.

“Welcome, Madam.”

They greeted her at the same time.

Kate felt very awkward with so much formality. They led her into the living room.

Sitting on the sofa, she looked around the living room.

The living room was very classy and luxurious and of course too expensive.

Everything was here in dark chocolate colours.

The living room's right side has a kitchen, and the left side has stairs for going upstairs.

One maid serves her a glass of warm water.

“Can you get me a glass of cold water?” Kate doesn't like warm water.

“No, Madam, Master told us we couldn't give you cold water.”

One maid refused her directly.

“Why?” Kate was taken aback at being rejected so directly.

“Madam Master knows you have a cold problem, and you can't handle cold, so the master said we couldn't give you anything cold to eat and drink.”

She was surprised but felt warm inside.

She really can't handle anything cold; otherwise, she will have a headache and sore throat problem after eating something cold.

“Madam, what do you want to eat for dinner?” one maid asked her.

She has not used it; she feels uncomfortable.

“Anything is fine, I'm not very picky about food.” she tried to behave normally, but inside she felt she could faint anytime.

“No Master strictly orders us in the kitchen to cook whatever food Madam wants to eat.”A maid announced loudly

She was already nervous; they were making her more.

She turned her head to Alex, ''Where is your Master?”

She was hoping to see him in this situation.

“Madam, Master went to a business meeting and will come back two days later.”

Kate felt upset. She didn't know what to say.

“I want to use the washroom?" she wanted some space.

“Emma takes Madam to the bedroom to freshen up.”

A young maid and her name is Emma. The other three are middle-aged women over 40.

“Madam, please follow me.” she talked to Kate politely and respectfully.

Kate can tell these maids were very well-mannered.

She took her to the front of the room.

“Madam, this is Master and your bedroom. Please go inside,”

She opened the door for Kate to gesture for her to go inside.

“Are you not coming inside the room Kate wanted Emma for help? She knows nothing about this place.

, Madam, this is our master bedroom, and we can't step inside this room, never.” Emma, respectively, told Kate that Kate understood Emma's words.

He was their master, and of course, they will do what he wants.

She nods her head at the maid and steps inside the bedroom.

The room light was already on.

She closed the door. Kate stood still and scanned the room. Everything in this room is different from downstairs.

This room has a very light colour and looks beautiful.

Modern beds, velvet finished floor, expensive glass ceiling design.

Attached is the closet room and bathroom.

She liked this room.

On the left side, there is a large door that opens a way to the balcony. Kate went to that door and opened it,

Stepping on the balcony, she was shocked. It was too beautiful. She can see the entire town from here.

Her mood became better. She stepped into the bathroom. They attached the bathroom closet to a dressing area.

Two bathrobes are hanging on the wall: one blue, one baby pink colour.

Even toothbrushes and skincare products.

Kate immediately understood everything he prepared for her.

After she took a shower, she realised she didn't take any clothes with her.

She goes to the closet to see if he also prepared clothes for her.

She was surprised again that every type of clothes is here, even her undergarments.

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