Grace has a plan.

Hakim Bello was still in the kitchen fixing the pipes when the police came to the house.

"Who's there?" He yelled, responding to the banging on the door.

"It's the police, please open the door."

'The police? Why were they here?' He pondered as he walked to do the door.

"May I help you?" He said with a frown that formed lines on his thick forehead.

"We are looking for a Veronica Bello." The policeman answered. "Is she inside?"

"No, she hasn't been home since morning." Hakeem lied before realizing that he didn't even know why they were after her. "But why are you looking for her? Is she in any trouble?"

"Yes, who is she to you?" The other policeman spoke.

"She is my niece." Mr. Bello answered. "Now I ask again, is she in any trouble?"

"Not particularly sir, but we have reason to believe that a killer is targeting her and friends and we want to bring them in."

"What the hell!" Hakeem explained. "Why should I believe

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